Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

Undergrad/Graduate 199/299 Research Opportunities
The INRF is seeking student innovators for cutting-edge, industry focused engineering, art/technology interface, and computer science research in energy efficiency, micro-nanofabrication, and gamification research areas.

Research students in the 199/299 INRF/BION program will gain the experience of working in two nanotechnology research and development cleanroom lab spaces on the UCI campus (INRF and BION). Research students will have the opportunity to work closely with the technical staff members of the INRF and BION facilities to grow and develop their skill-set, gain invaluable hands on lab experience, and apply their efforts and knowledge to solve real world engineering problems. Student researchers in the program will find that their hard work and research will add immediate and ongoing value to the INRF/BION laboratories of the Henry Samueli School of Engineering.

Please see the attached flyer for more details.

Undergrad/Graduate 199/299 Internship

Please come by today and put away any chemicals left on the bench tops as Jake will be removing them tonight as he prepares the lab for the Holiday break.

Facilities will be doing their annual DI water maintenance on both the INRF & BION cleanrooms next week. Anything that uses Di will be affected so plan accordingly.

BION: Monday & Tuesday (12-13th)

INRF: Thursday & Friday (15-16th)

The MA6 will be taken offline this Monday to change out the lamp and should be back up on Tuesday.

Staff will be performing a regeneration on Monday to the Ebeam 1 & Mark 50. The Mark 50 should only take a day however the Ebeam 1 will take up to 3 days. We will let you know when the Ebeam is back online.

Today we are touching up the walls in the outer hallway of the INRF. Please be aware that the walls will be wet.

We have recently had the floors cleaned/waxed in the INRF cleanroom and noticed that the disposable booties did not give proper traction. In order to break in the new floor and keep you safe we have removed the disposable booties in the gowning room and replaced them with the cleanroom suit shoe covers (various sizes / please check). Please snap together and return them to the bin after use. We anticipate this only be enforced throughout next week. The BION is not effected.

The INRF Cleanroom will be closed tomorrow due to furniture/equipment being moved and in order for Facilities to clean and wax the floors. We apologize for the short notice, prep work is taking longer than anticipated. We will be back up on Monday. BION will be unaffected.

INRF Front office will be closing @ 2pm today for the labor day holiday. Monday is a campus holiday therefor the office and acid rooms will be closed. Please use the back door keycard reader for INRF building access.