Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


users-in-cleanroomThe INRF is committed to safe and responsible research. We take great efforts to make our facility one of the safest laboratories on campus. We use engineering safety controls on all our equipment and utilities, monitor equipment regularly, and conform to all UCI and California regulations for safety and environmental health in a research environment. All chemical handling is done in laminar flow benches designed to prevent users from exposure to any chemical fumes. We require all staff and users to take safety training and pass certification before using equipment. A “buddy” system is enforced for all chemcial operations. Only INRF staff are allowed to make adjustments and repairs to equipment, use compressed gasses, and handle chemical wastes.

Ultimately, it is the responsible and mature actions of our users who make the facility a safe and pleasant place to work in. Our working environment encourages safe, responsible behavior at all times, with an open dialog between users and staff to ensure that we all work in the safest possible research environment.