Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


CHAMP Program – August 2017  
Lecture Day 1 Cleanroom Fundamentals
Lecture Day 2 Characterization and Back End Processes
Lecture Day 3 Photolithography
Lecture Day 4 Deposition
Lecture Day 5 Etching

All Hands Meeting – June 28, 2017
The INRF and BiON annual All Hands meeting was a chance for all affiliates of the facilities to come and hear about the latest news and updates found within our labs. The event was held at the University of California Irvine Calit2 Auditorium. The event included short presentations from collaborating industry partners that brought with them exciting opportunities housed in our clean rooms. Read More

Cleanroom Summer Courses – August 1 – 5, 2016
In the summer of 2016 we piloted our course series, Cleanroom Fabrication Processing Techniques through the CHAMP Program under Professor Zuzanna Siwy. The Courses covered How to Build the Inside of Your Smartphone, Photolithography, Metallization, Wet/Dry Etching and Cleanroom Fundamentals. Please subscribe to our INRF Blog for upcoming courses or e-mail us at:

Cleanroom Fundamentals – April 9 / April 15, 2015
The INRF and BiON hosted an introductory course on cleanroom fundamentals. The course covered such topics as photolithography, dry and wet etching, dielectric deposition, microscopy and surface measurement, and more. The course will be available on a quarterly basis for our cleanroom users and the UCI campus community. Please subscribe to our INRF Blog for upcoming events or e-mail us at:

Microfabrication and Metal Plating Technologies Showcase – February 14, 2013
The International Consortium on Advanced Precision Manufacturing Technology (ICAPMT) led by INRF and the Material Surface Engineering Center at Kanto Gakuin University jointly hosted the event “Empowering electronic, sensor, and biomedical devices with microfabrication and metal plating Technologies” on Thursday 2/14/2013. Researchers presented the latest results from studies and research at the intersection of microfabrication technology, metal plating and polymers sciences that have the potential to improve performance in electronics, sensors, and biomedical devices.

The ICAPMT was established to develop manufacturing technologies for next generation products.

Download Company Presentations for: Koto Electric Co.,Ltd | Kantu Gakuin University | Zeonex

INRF BBQ – September 5, 2012
The INRF Annual BBQ was held for INRF students, faculty, staff, and commercial users. This event promoted collaboration among cleanroom users for nanotechnology research.

The Third International Symposium on LifeChips – February 9 – 10, 2012
The symposium theme this year was “Empowering Human Health with Technology.” The symposium brought together academic investigators, industry leaders, policy makers, and educators from California, the US, and international regions to present and discuss the latest results from studies and research at the intersection of life sciences, physical sciences, health, medicine and technology that can lead to improved human health and well-being. The presentations focused on topics of molecular and cellular biology technology; organ systems and medical devices and health and wellness systems. The symposium was sponsored by the NSF IGERT Program, INRF and Calit2.

Cleanroom Managers Meeting – July 12, 2011
This marked the first UC Campus wide cleanroom managers meeting. A total of 8 campuses were represented. The meeting was a great success and the hope is to continue the meeting annually. Thanks to EH&S and UCOP for making it happen!

Hazmat Drill – July 17, 2008
In an on-going effort to ensure safety, INRF, EH&S, and the Orange County Fire Department came together to participate in a simulated leak and decontamination