Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

Standard Procedures


Our goal is to ensure safety for all users and minimize the risks associated with the facility. Therefore, we require all new users to complete the following:

  1. New User Orientation
  2. INRF & BiON Safety Assessment
  3. UCI EH&S Safety Training
    • Laboratory Core Safety
    • Hazardous Waste
  4. Policy Compliance Agreement
  5. Equipment specific training

These training sessions will inform new users of INRF safety policies and provide general cleanroom instruction to maintain a non-hazardous environment.

All new users must read and become familiar with the following safety documentation:


If you will be working with chemicals and will need access to the wet processing areas in the INRF or BiON, you are required to submit the Chemical Usage Form.

If you have a chemical that you would like to bring to the facility which is not authorized, you may complete our
Online Chemical Request Form.