Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

Chemical Request Form

INRF / BiON does not permit anyone to bring or use chemicals in the cleanrooms without prior approval by the staff. This applies to all chemical containing materials including adhesives, cleaners, resists, solvents, compressed gasses, etc. Approval is determined by considering safety, compatability, planned storage, usage and disposal. You may request to bring or use a new chemical in the INRF / BiON cleanrooms by filling out this form.

After you fill in the below information and submit this form, email the MSDS, SOP ( download SOP Template ), and any other applicable information to: Please include your name in the subject of the email. If you do not submit an MSDS or SOP, the request will not be considered. Approvals may take up to one week; make requests prior to anticipated need.

You may visit the EH&S website to view approved SOP's or to get assistance on developing a new SOP


Name of new chemical or material ( Give all commonly used names ):

Secondary chemicals or materials? If so, list ( i.e., developers, rinses, part of a mix, etc. ):

Material Vendor/Manufacturer:

Vendor Name:  
Phone: (eg. 000-000-0000)  
Product Number:  

Hazards ( check all that apply ):

Explosive Oxidizer Acid Compressed Gas Flammable
Poison Caustic Liquified Gas Corrosive Biohazard
Pyrophoric Toxic Carcinogen Water Reactive Non Hazardous


Reason for request: Please give serious thought to this. If you have any process information (application notes from the vendor, protocol from another lab, experimental methods section of an article), please email it as an attachment. Ask yourself these questions: Is this the latest procedure? Are there newer and safer alternatives that will also work for my project? Will any of the currently approved chemicals and materials work for me? Why are the INRF / BiON cleanrooms the best location to perform this process?

The INRF / BiON cleanrooms will maintain reasonable stewardship of the material, but correct use and storage is the responsibility of the user. If the material poses a safety hazard because of a leaking container or improper storage or usage, it may be disposed. The INRF / BiON will not assume liability for the loss of the material. Chemicals can not be stored in personal boxes.

Check each box as task is completed:

  • I have obtained and read the MSDS.
  • The MSDS is attached as a separate document to this request.
  • I understand this request will not be reviewed without a MSDS attached.
  • I have created an SOP and attached it as a separate document.

Proposed Use ( Provide brief summary of the SOP, including a description of where you propose to use this chemical and list all necessary lab equipment ):

Storage ( Where and how is this chemical/material going to be stored? ):

Waste ( What are the appropriate waste disposal procedures for this chemical? ):

Additional Information ( Provide any additional details that the staff should be aware of regarding this chemical ):