Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

STS Users,

We’ve just received word that the chiller for the STS has a 50/50 chance of returning to us on Dec 27th. If not, it will return Jan 2, 2019.


E-beam 1 and Ion Mill Users,

These tools need a regen very soon, staff plans to take these two tools offline for 3 days starting Monday to take care of the regens. They may take less time but a safe budget is 3 days. If anybody has a need we can work around your process time; please contact staff ASAP if this is the case.



SPTS Users,

The SPTS is offline for some overdue maintenance work.


INRF & BiON Users,
Contamination is becoming an issue on various tools across the labs.   Two in particular very recently have been the STS and the Plasmatherm. Please be sure to review and abide by the policies aligned for the particular tool you are using.   It seems some materials inside chambers are re-depositing onto other’s substrates negatively affecting results. With respect to the etchers, be sure the proper cleaning procedure is performed as well as recorded in the log book as its own entry.
Going forward if users complain about contamination issues and this results in the need for staff and tool time to be spent  performing additional O2 cleans and manual chamber cleans, the last user that didn’t record or perform the required O2 cleans will be billed accordingly.
Thank You,
INRF Staff

Please do NOT access the Latch System on lab equipment netbooks.
Please do NOT close Chrome or the Forged Website on lab equipment netbooks. ONLY SIGN OUT OF FORGED
Please ensure cabinet and oven doors are properly closed. (We had yet another incident yesterday where an oven door was left wide open).



INRF Users,

Facilities will be performing work in the INRF between July 28, 2017 and September 20, 2017 that will cause partial and/or full shutdown of equipment, rooms, and possibly the entire lab.  Details are currently being worked out and as further details are known we will post updates here on the Blog as well as on the Forged system as and when appropriate.

INRF Staff


INRF Users,
The IRNF lab compressed air issue has been resolved. This facility item is back Online.
INRF Staff

INRF & BiON  Users and Affiliates,

This years’ mandatory All Hands meeting  will be held on Wednesday, June 28th 2017 at 10:00 AM in the Calit2 Auditorium.  Please see the attached flyer for the event here: 2017 All Hands Flyer

A pizza lunch for all attendees to the meeting will follow afterwards starting at approximately 11:30AM.

The INRF and BiON annual All Hands meeting is a chance for all affiliates of the facilities to come and hear about the latest news and updates found within our labs.  This event will include short presentations from collaborating industry partners that bring with them exciting opportunities housed in our clean rooms.  New and exciting equipment and/or process technologies recently installed or coming soon into the lab spaces will also be presented.  EH&S will also present and discuss relevant safety information that will serve invaluable to all users.  This event is mandatory for all Users in the facility.

Please RSVP to and in the subject line please use “RSVP All Hands”.

Thank You,

INRF Staff

All INRF and BiON Users,

Reminder: Both INRF and BiON lab entrances are now done through the Forged System via Chrome

All equipment in both the INRF and BiON are also now operated through the Forged System via Chrome.

*There should be no more instances of the past Legacy System in operation, either for tools or for Lab Log in.

Please do NOT start playing around with netbooks or computers looking for the Legacy System or changing computer settings.

Please do NOT access the Latch System.

Please do NOT modify hardware (cables, latch boxes, etc).

Please only use the Chrome browser and the Forged website on lab computers and netbooks.

Everything is now universally done through the Forged System via Chrome.

If you have an issue with Forged system operation, please first check that your User Profile is fully complete, updated, and accurate. Then once that is verified contact staff for assistance vs. trying to change things yourself.

While we’re on the topic of Forged: Occasionally there may be rare internet disconnects (none have been reported today), and may find a computer with the internet disconnected logo shown below.

If you find that this is the case, please Right Click on the wireless and “Disconnect”. After waiting a few seconds, you can Right Click again and “Connect”.

Notice to Users using HF:
We are seeing an increased usage of 48% HF being used.  All 48% HF must be processed in Teflon containers not poly Styrofoam and in addition these containers must be in a secondary container so as to keep the entire system and process in double containment.
The INRF does not provide Teflon containers so users must provide their own.
INRF Staff