Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

All INRF and BiON Users,

Reminder: Both INRF and BiON lab entrances are now done through the Forged System via Chrome

All equipment in both the INRF and BiON are also now operated through the Forged System via Chrome.

*There should be no more instances of the past Legacy System in operation, either for tools or for Lab Log in.

Please do NOT start playing around with netbooks or computers looking for the Legacy System or changing computer settings.

Please do NOT access the Latch System.

Please do NOT modify hardware (cables, latch boxes, etc).

Please only use the Chrome browser and the Forged website on lab computers and netbooks.

Everything is now universally done through the Forged System via Chrome.

If you have an issue with Forged system operation, please first check that your User Profile is fully complete, updated, and accurate. Then once that is verified contact staff for assistance vs. trying to change things yourself.

While we’re on the topic of Forged: Occasionally there may be rare internet disconnects (none have been reported today), and may find a computer with the internet disconnected logo shown below.

If you find that this is the case, please Right Click on the wireless and “Disconnect”. After waiting a few seconds, you can Right Click again and “Connect”.

Starting May 1st the STS will be down for maintenance for a week. Please plan accordingly

Reminder: Check the Forged Systems Equipment Status page for latest tool updates and info

It should be back up Wednesday. Please check the Forged System equipment status page for updates.

TSS is here re-certifying the benches in the wet process room and they will be off limits until they are complete. They should be completed by 12pm tomorrow.

Facilities will be doing their annual DI water maintenance on both the INRF & BION cleanrooms next week. Anything that uses Di will be affected so plan accordingly.

BION: Monday & Tuesday (12-13th)

INRF: Thursday & Friday (15-16th)

The MA6 will be taken offline this Monday to change out the lamp and should be back up on Tuesday.

The Dicing Saw will be down until further notice. The spindle was galled therefor the shaft needs to be removed and sent out for repair. We will notify you when we get more info. Please to not ask staff. Thanks

Staff will be performing a regeneration on Monday to the Ebeam 1 & Mark 50. The Mark 50 should only take a day however the Ebeam 1 will take up to 3 days. We will let you know when the Ebeam is back online.

The INRF Cleanroom will be closed tomorrow due to furniture/equipment being moved and in order for Facilities to clean and wax the floors. We apologize for the short notice, prep work is taking longer than anticipated. We will be back up on Monday. BION will be unaffected.


  • The INRF will be closed this Saturday (08/13) in order for Facilities to perform maintenance on the compressors.
  • The DI water in the INRF is still down due to leaks within the facility. We are still working on getting these repaired.


  • No after-hours use is still in effect until after the 27th (Special permission will be granted if staff is on site)
  • The exhaust issue seems to be under control but stay vigilant and pay attention to the alarms in case the issue arises again. Facilities is still investigating the cause.