Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

Dear Cleanroom Users,

Please welcome Marc Palazzo as the new Facility Administrator of the INRF Cleanroom.

Marc’s unique experience as a business owner combined with his education will be an asset to our cleanroom facility. Mr. Palazzo has successfully owned a small business for over 20 years and is a UCI alumni with a BS in Economics and also graduated with an MBA from Chapman University. He has expertise as a supervisor and project manager as well as experience in business development.

We look forward to having Marc apply his talents to the INRF. Marc can be reached at (949) 824-8125 or


G.P. Li

We have postponed taking the STS down until further notice.

Starting May 1st the STS will be down for maintenance for a week. Please plan accordingly

Lab staff will be reorganizing and cleaning up the chemicals throughout the INRF and BION (benches, cabinets, & so on…). All chemicals should be labeled and updated with the name, group, expiration data and any other necessary information.  Any chemicals expired or without clearly updated information will be disposed of after Monday (3/13/2017). Pass this along to your lab mates.

Security came by this morning and repaired the key reader so you can now enter through the backdoor. Let us know if you experience any problems.

As some of you already know, the back entry INRF stairwell key-reader is not working. We are current working with Facilities to get this repaired but have not yet heard back with a date. In the meantime if you need access to the INRF after hours, please go through Calit2.

Reminder: Check the Forged Systems Equipment Status page for latest tool updates and info

It should be back up Wednesday. Please check the Forged System equipment status page for updates.