Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

The SEM will be undergoing an upgrade today and will be unavailable until further notice. We don’t see this taking longer than a day or do. We will keep you updated.

Jake will be working on the CDO so the STS and Plasmatherm will be down until late Friday. We will let you know if there are any changes.

Cleanrooms will open with limited functionality during these times.

CaliT2 (BION):

  • Details: DI System sanitation only
  • Schedule: 6:00am Monday, 12/15/14 –  5:00pm Tuesday, 12/16/14

Engineering Gateway (INRF):

  • Details: The DI equipment will be replaced with new equipment and the system will be sanitized.
  • Schedule: 6:00am Wednesday, 12/17/14 –  5:00pm Friday, 12/19/14

Starting at 8 am today (Tuesday) and ending at noon on Wednesday Facilities will be shutting down the Bosch vacuum pumps. Lithography and Hot embossing areas will not be available.

The BION will be closed tomorrow morning until approximately 8:30 am to allow Facilities to work on the exhaust system.

The HF bench repair is scheduled for Saturday the 21st. That room will remain closed until then.

We ordered a new pump and we are hoping to have it back up sometime late Thursday.

The installation of the new proxy readers is today. There will no access to the wet process rooms while they are working. Once installed, only those users that have been qualified (training log must be signed) and that have completed the chemical usage form: will be authorized to access.

Let us know if you have any questions.

The Calit2 house vacuum air system will be unavailable tomorrow between 7:00 am and 10:00 am due to maintenance. The lab will be closed during that time. My apologies for the short notice. Please contact immediately if there is a problem with this.

The STS is back together however it did not pass the leak test. We will be having a technician come out tomorrow morning to come look at it.  We’ll let you know ASAP when it is back up.