Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

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The designated evacuation assembly point is:
Which of the following are required when setting up a Forged system profile?
The Forged system is OPTIONAL.
When evacuating the lab due to emergencies
If you do not access the facility within ___ days, accessibility will be denied.
Select the best option below:
Any outside chemicals/materials being brought into the lab must be approved by Staff.
We require all staff and users to take safety training and pass certification before using
To use a piece of equipment in the facility, users must first be authorized by staff on that specific piece of equipment.
Users can do which of the following with regards to gas cylinders:
All users are required to clean up after themselves except:
In use chemical forms are required to identify chemicals that are presently being used except if only leaving the room to use the restroom, make a phone call, or grab a quick drink/meal.
Which is the best statement below:
If you do not access the tool within the time limit specified on the Equipment page of the INRF website (90-180 days, and it varies per equipment) access will be denied.
In case of Emergency what is the best first phone number to call
Reading the Forged System SOPs is a required part of Orientation.
If you will be working with chemicals and and will need access to the wet processing areas in
the INRF or BION, you are required to submit the Chemical Usage Form
The INRF and BION are shared user facilities, and as such should be treated with that in mind
The Policy Compliance Agreement document must be completed prior to entering the lab facilities
The INRF has a YouTube channel and is an excellent resource (and videos are often required) for lab and equipment training.
Which of the following are NOT done through the Forged System?
If you want to find out how to do something on the Forged system, you should:
Where are SDS (safety data sheets) available for viewing?
How do you request training on specific equipment and when does training typically occur?
Where do you check the status of the equipment?
Chemicals belonging to individuals need to be properly labelled and dated in ___ intervals:
What must users do when operating equipment in the facility?
Only INRF Staff are allowed to make adjustments and repairs to equipment, use compressed
gasses, and handle chemical wastes.