Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


  • Monday, February 15th is a campus Holiday (Presidents’ Day)
  • The INRF and BION cleanrooms will remain open throughout the Holiday break.
  • All the tools will be accessible for those with access to them however HF (rm 1432) & Inorganic (rm 1421) rooms will be closed.
  • INRF Office will be closed and lab staff will be off during this time.
  • If you plan on using the lab and don’t have 24hr access, please contact Dexter or Richard.
  • Please contact Jake via cell/text immediately if you have any issues with the tools or other emergencies. (Do not email your issue!)

Today’s User Meeting has been cancelled and will resume next week at the normal time.

DI Water has been shutdown today. Users will have will not be able to utilize most Lithography equipment and will not be able to perform chemical processing. We will keep you updated on when this capability will return. If there are any questions please contact Jake Hess.