Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


Ebeam 1 is back up!

Lithography in the BION will be down all Saturday (9/20) for Facilities work. It will be back up on Sunday.

Dear INRF & BiON Users,

We have now installed the new SPTS DRIE Etcher! For your reference attached is the overview of the tool that summarizes its capabilities, which include glass etching.

In order to ensure that we set up the tool to meet user needs, please e-mail Alana at by the end of this week, 9/12/14, if you are interested in using the tool. Also, please explain your process / application.

We will also be coordinating a training / demo with the manufacturer and once scheduled we will inform all users interested in the tool.


Download System Overview

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Starting at 8 am today (Tuesday) and ending at noon on Wednesday Facilities will be shutting down the Bosch vacuum pumps. Lithography and Hot embossing areas will not be available.

Everything should be back to how it was.

Compressed air out in the INRF, Multiple equipment down. Facilities has been notified and we will let you know when we find out.

Today, Facilities is working in chase room 1418 and it is possible that the power in room 1412 (nanoimprinter) and 1422 (metal etch) may be affected.