Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

INRF & BiON  Users and Affiliates,

This years’ mandatory All Hands meeting  will be held on Wednesday, June 28th 2017 at 10:00 AM in the Calit2 Auditorium.  Please see the attached flyer for the event here: 2017 All Hands Flyer

A pizza lunch for all attendees to the meeting will follow afterwards starting at approximately 11:30AM.

The INRF and BiON annual All Hands meeting is a chance for all affiliates of the facilities to come and hear about the latest news and updates found within our labs.  This event will include short presentations from collaborating industry partners that bring with them exciting opportunities housed in our clean rooms.  New and exciting equipment and/or process technologies recently installed or coming soon into the lab spaces will also be presented.  EH&S will also present and discuss relevant safety information that will serve invaluable to all users.  This event is mandatory for all Users in the facility.

Please RSVP to and in the subject line please use “RSVP All Hands”.

Thank You,

INRF Staff

Security came by this morning and repaired the key reader so you can now enter through the backdoor. Let us know if you experience any problems.

As some of you already know, the back entry INRF stairwell key-reader is not working. We are current working with Facilities to get this repaired but have not yet heard back with a date. In the meantime if you need access to the INRF after hours, please go through Calit2.

Facilities will be doing their annual DI water maintenance on both the INRF & BION cleanrooms next week. Anything that uses Di will be affected so plan accordingly.

BION: Monday & Tuesday (12-13th)

INRF: Thursday & Friday (15-16th)

The MA6 will be taken offline this Monday to change out the lamp and should be back up on Tuesday.

Today in the inorganic area of the BION, TSS and EH&S are conducting a training exercise. We are not shutting these rooms down but be aware that there could be up to 12 people in the room with you while you work. This will be going on from 8:30am – 11:30 and 12:30pm – 3:30pm today.

The INRF Cleanroom will be closed tomorrow due to furniture/equipment being moved and in order for Facilities to clean and wax the floors. We apologize for the short notice, prep work is taking longer than anticipated. We will be back up on Monday. BION will be unaffected.


  • The INRF will be closed this Saturday (08/13) in order for Facilities to perform maintenance on the compressors.
  • The DI water in the INRF is still down due to leaks within the facility. We are still working on getting these repaired.


  • No after-hours use is still in effect until after the 27th (Special permission will be granted if staff is on site)
  • The exhaust issue seems to be under control but stay vigilant and pay attention to the alarms in case the issue arises again. Facilities is still investigating the cause.


All the benches in the BION are alarming. Facilities has been notified. Please do not use the benches until further notice.

During the relocation of one of the benches the contractors broke a DI water pipe. The DI water will be shut down in the INRF for a couple days until the pipe and valve can be repaired. There will be no lithography capability in the lab until that is fixed.

Be advised, Central Plant has scheduled a shutdown of the processed chilled water system this weekend. This will effect the INRF and BION cleanrooms. Most of the equipment other than lithography equipment will be down this Saturday and Sunday.