Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


Please see Ryan at the font desk if you have lost your keys.

Security came by this morning and repaired the key reader so you can now enter through the backdoor. Let us know if you experience any problems.

As some of you already know, the back entry INRF stairwell key-reader is not working. We are current working with Facilities to get this repaired but have not yet heard back with a date. In the meantime if you need access to the INRF after hours, please go through Calit2.

It should be back up Wednesday. Please check the Forged System equipment status page for updates.

TSS is here re-certifying the benches in the wet process room and they will be off limits until they are complete. They should be completed by 12pm tomorrow.

  • The INRF and BION cleanrooms will remain open.
  • All the tools will be accessible for those with access to them however HF (rm 1432) & Inorganic (rm 1421) rooms will be closed.
  • INRF Office will be closed and lab staff will be off during this time.
  • Lab Staff will not be available by phone over the break
  • Check your access for the cleanroom (keycard and logins) and tools BEFORE the break to make sure you will have no issues
  • Contact Richard if you need 24hr access or need a refresher on a tool before the break.
  • For Facilities Issues contact 949-824-5444  / For Emergencies 911

Undergrad/Graduate 199/299 Research Opportunities
The INRF is seeking student innovators for cutting-edge, industry focused engineering, art/technology interface, and computer science research in energy efficiency, micro-nanofabrication, and gamification research areas.

Research students in the 199/299 INRF/BION program will gain the experience of working in two nanotechnology research and development cleanroom lab spaces on the UCI campus (INRF and BION). Research students will have the opportunity to work closely with the technical staff members of the INRF and BION facilities to grow and develop their skill-set, gain invaluable hands on lab experience, and apply their efforts and knowledge to solve real world engineering problems. Student researchers in the program will find that their hard work and research will add immediate and ongoing value to the INRF/BION laboratories of the Henry Samueli School of Engineering.

Please see the attached flyer for more details.

Undergrad/Graduate 199/299 Internship


Location: Calit2 (BION)

Outage: Compressed Air – Fume Hoods – Supply and Return Air – Indoor Temperature Control – Process Chilled Water

Date(s): Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Duration: Scheduled to begin at 5:00 am and last for approximately 2 hours, ending at approximately 7:00 am.

Details: Facilities Management will be installing Compressed Air Flowmeters. During this time, the compressed air, temperature controls, fume hoods, supply and return air and process cooling will be affected.

Please secure fume hoods and remove all light materials. During this time, please do not use the fume hoods.