Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

Staff will be performing a regeneration on Monday to the Ebeam 1 & Mark 50. The Mark 50 should only take a day however the Ebeam 1 will take up to 3 days. We will let you know when the Ebeam is back online.

HF bench will be down from 1-5pm today in order to run the dicing saw.

The HF bench will be down today after 4:30pm. It will be available again tomorrow morning.

The HF bench will be down today from 12-6pm in order to run the dicing saw. The dicing saw will be moving back to its original location in the INRF soon so this shouldn’t happen too often.

Today approximately 1pm the fire alarm in Calit2 went off and the building had to be evacuated. It was later found out that it was due to users using improper materials in one of the furnaces in rm 1401. This is the second time this has occurred therefor the furnaces will be off limits until we come up with a solution. We will notify you when they are available (Please do not ask staff)

All the benches in the BION are alarming. Facilities has been notified. Please do not use the benches until further notice.

The HF room in the BION will be closed today as we will be doing maintenance on the Dicing Saw.

During the relocation of one of the benches the contractors broke a DI water pipe. The DI water will be shut down in the INRF for a couple days until the pipe and valve can be repaired. There will be no lithography capability in the lab until that is fixed.

Be advised, Central Plant has scheduled a shutdown of the processed chilled water system this weekend. This will effect the INRF and BION cleanrooms. Most of the equipment other than lithography equipment will be down this Saturday and Sunday.

HF & Inorganic rooms will be close tomorrow (7/1) and Tuesday (7/5) in the morning until 12pm. No staff will be in the lab during that time and to err on the side of caution we will have those rooms closed.