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In the coming weeks Ushio America, Inc. will be coming on-site to host a free of charge demo session of their  172nm Photo Bonding System that has been located in the BiON of Calit2.   The Ushio, Inc. bonder is a 172nm Photo Bonding System equipped with a UV lamp with an emission wavelength center at 172nm. This is a system that irradiates an object with 172nm light for a specified period of time. Objects to be irradiated can be joined and bonded on top of each other and pressurized using the bonding unit.


This free of charge demo session will include Ushio America, Inc. engineers bonding glass to PDMS, PDMS to PDMS, PMMA to PMMA, and COP to COP. The time and date of this session will depend on RSVPs so please RSVP if any interest to Steven Martinez at so that we can begin coordinating the session.


For those interested in bonding additional materials beyond this list, we will also work to see if we can help demonstrate a successful bond with your samples. If interested, please review the additional links at the end of this message and send an email to Steven Martinez at with a detailed description of the bond you hope to achieve with this system. Please include as many details as possible (sample dimensions, materials to be bonded, etc.) and send this email as soon as possible / well in advance of the demo session. Depending on interest levels for these additional bonds, either these additional bonds will be demonstrated/tested at the end of the demo session, or additional sessions for these specific applications will be scheduled.


Additional Links Below.

Presentation Slides from Summer 2017:




Equipment YouTube Tutorial:


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