Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

The User Store now carries File Box Totes ($9 ea). See Ryan in the INRF office to purchase.

Diamond Scribes ($14) and Wafer Carriers ($8) are back in stock in the INRF Store

Diamond Scribes are on order and should be back in the Store next week.

We have purchased a quart of AZ 5214-E IR Photoresist and we are looking to see if there is any interest from the users for us to carry this product in our store. It would roughly sell for $70ea (60ml dropper). The spec sheets have been attached for your review. Please email us and let us know if you are interested


AZ 5200-E Data Package

The INRF Store will now carry:

  • 4″ Double-Sided P-Type Si wafers w/ 1 Micron Thermal Oxide ($44 ea)

The INRF Store will now carry:

  • 4″ Single-Sided P-Type Si wafers w/ 1 Micron Thermal Oxide ($35 ea)
  • 4″ Fused Silica Wafers ($20 ea)

Black 4″ wafer carriers back by popular demand! $9ea

Wafer Carrier

Due to a staff shortage today the Wet Process rooms in the BION will be closed until Jake can open them at 1 pm.

The INRF Store now carries Double Sided Polished 4″ wafers. They are priced at $34ea.

Details: 4″ P/B <1-0-0> 1-10 OHM-CM, 375 ± 25 μm, DSP WAFERS


Cleanroom Notebooks are now available in the cleanroom store. These are double wrapped 8 1/2″ x 11″ college ruled/grid. They are $18.