Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


  • Facilities is going to perform a sanitation and cleaning procedure in the DI water system Wednesday, September 5th @ 6 am. This procedure will take three days and water will not be available until September 10th.
  • The E-Beam evaporator is still being worked on and we have sent out various components for bead blasting. The items were picked up Tuesday and they need three working days to clean. The system should be back online by September 10th.
  • Oriel UV Flood exposure is being looked at. We have ordered some replacement components in the high voltage portion of the system. We are waiting to receive those parts.
  • K&S 780 dicing saw is back online.

Wet bench area – Due to the exessive amout of users using the wet etch area, users have requested reserving time to use the benches. The idea is to mount a white board in the robing area for users to reserve certain benches at specific times. Hopefully this will reduce the congestion and make a safer environment. If you have any questions please ask staff.

INRF Staff