Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

SPTS , STS and Trion Users,

1- Please remember that users of the SPTS, STS, and Trion may NOT change any other recipe parameters other than TIME.   Do NOT enable/disable other equipment set-points either like He Leak Up Rate interlocks or any pre-set values.
If you wish to modify parameters other than just the TIME you MUST receive explicit permission from staff in advance.
2- Staff is also finding that <30min post-process cleaning times are insufficient.  So instead of having half the etch time as the clean time as a rule. The new rule is as follows:
Users must run the post-process run chamber plasma cleaning for half of the processed etch time or for a minimum of 30 minutes.  That is, any etch processes <60min require a 30min or longer plasma clean, and any etch processes >60min must have a clean time of half of the etch time.
10min etch = 30min clean
20min etch = 30min clean
50min etch = 30min clean
80min etch =40min clean
90min etch =45min clean
3- For the SPTS, users MUST run their clean recipes that are “with wafer”.
*Reminder: Staff also recommends a clean prior to your process run to help ensure process repeatability