Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

Dear Cleanroom Users,

Effective 11/1/16 our rates will be changing in order to support operational costs. Please see here:

Some highlights are as follows:

Cleanroom Hourly Usage Rate
Internal (UC): $38
External (Commercial and Academic): $110

Staff Time
Internal (UC): $125
External (Commercial and Academic): $225

We will also implement the following Monthly Caps:

Lab Usage Cap (Per Account)
UCI: $1,520 (previously $1,200 per user)
Commercial: $4,400 (previously $4,800 per user)
Academic/Sponsor: $3,300 (previously $3,600 per user)

NEW Equipment Cap (Per Tool Per Account)
UCI: $2,000
Commercial: $3,000
Academic/Sponsor: $2,500

If there are any questions regarding the new rates, please contact Alana Valencia at