Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

We have received good news from EH&S and are happy to report that work may resume in the INRF Cleanroom beginning tomorrow, 7/10/13. Based on the report prepared by EORM Consultants we have approval to reinstate use of our fume hoods for specific processes. This includes lithography, electroplating, dry etch and metalization processes. All other processes not mentioned, such as wet etch, have been transferred to the BiON Cleanroom and will remain here until the permanent fix for the INRF ventilation system is completed.

One fume hood in room W2332 (TSS#86187, Negative Photo resist) was not approved as it does not meet the minimum flow rate requirement of 100 fpm.
EH&S has placed a work order with Facilities Management to correct this deficiency. Work may not resume in this fume hood until after the issue is corrected.

For further information, please review the report prepared by EORM. If you have questions regarding your specific process, please e-mail us at:

UCI Fumehood Assessment

INRF Staff