Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

To the Research community,


We want to give you an update on the renovation project in INRF.


The facility has gone through a major renovation of the exhaust ventilation system and the replacement of the process and air conditioning chilled water lines.

Unfortunately, we did not meet our target date of 9/20/17.  There were some unforeseen issues with the ventilation design which have been identified and are in the process of being addressed and corrected.


The processed chilled water and air conditioning piping has been completed.  The start-up will be done once the interstitial area has been cleaned up. This will not prevent us from starting up the processed chilled water that supports the lab equipment.

While the ventilation system is being corrected, during this time facilities will take the opportunity to perform preventive maintenance, which is normally done toward the end of the year. Also the campus facility management team will be making some corrections to the DI water system.  This has pushed the completion date to 10/31/17.

We have been working with Facilities Management to give us access to critical pieces of equipment within the facility such as, reactive etching, metallization and some lithography.  The areas will not be up to clean room standard but will give us some capabilities.

  • Facilities Management will get their work-around completed on 9/26/17.
  • The lab staff will start up these critical pieces of equipment on 9/27/17.
  • Our goal is to have these critical pieces of equipment up and accessible 10/2/17.


Researchers will still need to perform photolithographic work, such as, spinning on photo resists and developing the resist in the BiON.  Same goes for wet processing.


We are happy to say that once the renovation is completed in the INRF we will have full capabilities for performing wet processing and Lithography.

These wet station benches will now have laminar flow capability which will give us a class 100 or better working environment.  This should improve our yield tremendously.


Our apologies for extending the completion date.  The benefits will be worth the wait.


Thank you for your cooperation,



G.P. Li

Jake Hes

Marc Palazzo