Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

INRF Users,
Unfortunately there has been more delays in the INRF renovation project.  The lab will not be fully re-opening Oct 31st but may see some partial opening in the coming weeks.  We expect to have a better and more detailed update soon and will share with everyone as soon as we can.
What we know now is that by November 30th the lab will be fully operational.  The main delay is coming from the final balancing and cleaning of the cleanroom, and some lengthy lead times on parts.  We’re working hard to get users access to the most critical pieces of equipment ASAP.  Depending on time-frames, the lab space may not be a proper clean-room environment until mid to late November, and any access to tools prior to Nov 30th must go through explicit permission from Staff due to the necessary co-ordination with renovation crew and facility availabilities for tools.  Since the renovation won’t be complete when tool access is granted, we all need to work close together to schedule tool usage so as to ensure the equipment is okay to use and users in the lab space are safe to work.