Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

INRF & BiON Users,

Due to the additional wet etch area now open in the INRF, staff will be strictly enforcing the proper  policies and procedures for both the BiON and INRF facilities.
All violation and infractions will be recorded on users’ individual profiles on Forged.  Once these violation entries are made, the individual will get an e-mail  sent to them as well as to their PI and/or their supervisor informing them of the infraction or violation.
Violations include but are not limited to:
-not using proper PPE
-entering/exiting the facility without logging in/out
-improper disposal of chemical and/or solid waste material
-wearing shorts or having open toed shoes
-not wearing safety glasses
-failing to turn off microscope lamps after use
-failing to clean up the work space after use
-failing to begin / end equipment sessions on Forged via the equipment netbooks
-failing to return utensils to their proper locations
-improperly storing hazardous materials
-failing to properly use hazardous in-use and process in-use forms
-not labeling containers with expiration date and contents
-using equipment or processes without proper authorization
-improper double containment when necessary
-not being present during processes that require
-failing to have a buddy for wet processing
Reminder, most if not all violations are covered in the orientation process of becoming a user so you can review that material as well.