Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

INRF & BiON Users,

Many of you may have already noticed, the Forged System now has a brand new announcements section:

You can find this Announcements section within Forged as well under Dashboard–>Announcements on the left Navigation Panel.

This will replace the INRF Website Blog and will be used for MAJOR lab activity updates (Facilities issues, major events / happenings, lab-wide items).  Please continue to check the Equipment Status section for equipment status updates.

FYI, The 3 Wet Processing Rooms in the BiON are now once again available and your keycards will now work on the door locks to these 3 rooms if authorized.  The stainless steel bench in the Metal Etch RM 11422 is still out of service but the others have all been re-certified and are available.  Those still not certified and unavailable for use have signs posted on them.