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There have been multiple incidents of hotplates spontaneously heating in the OFF position leading to fires and explosions. Hotplates purchased prior to 1984 do not have temperature feedback controls, in particular the models Corning PC-35, PC-351, and the Thermolyne Model SP46925. Such older models can spontaneously heat with the heater dial in the OFF position.

Contact EH&S if you have a Corning PC-35/PC-351 or Thermolyne Model Sp46925 hot plates in your laboratory and would like to receive a FREE Corning Digital Display Stirring Hotplate replacement.

Safety Criteria For A Safer Laboratory Hot Plate
– Grounded unit
– Power indicator
– Hot top warning
– Direct temperature reading
– Detachable/replaceable power cord
– Independent temperature control units which switch off in case of an over temperature
– Optional connection for sample temperature probe/controller

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Hot Plate Replacement Flyer