Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

INRF Users,

Facilities is coordinating the repair and upgrade to our exhaust fan system in the INRF.  This will involve the INRF’s photo-lithography and developer benches going offline and thus being unavailable for use for 2, maybe 3 weeks. (Work is tentatively estimated to be performed for 10-15 consecutive business days)

Non-bench equipment like the MA6, microscopes, ovens, etc. will still be available.

The developing hoods, hot plates, and spinners will NOT be available.  Users can utilize the equivalent stations in the BiON during these two weeks.

We are looking to initiate the project starting as soon as possible, but first want to reach out to all Users who may be impacted in order to make the best accommodations, find the best schedule, and minimize any negative impact to all Users.  At present the aim is to complete the project by end of June  2017 or early July 2017.

Please contact staff at as soon as possible.

Thank You,

INRF Staff