Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

As you know we had a power outage either Sunday evening or Monday morning
which impacted the Cannon stepper, MAC50 E-beam evaporator, BMR PECVD, Trion and some of the characterization equipment. These items are all back on-line except the MAC50. It is currently experiencing cryo regeneration problems.

E-Beam evaporator is down due to a user over driving the e-beam power supply, not sweeping the beam properly, burning through the crucible creating a water leak within the gun. We dont have a completion date at this time.

STS is down due to another vacuum leak where the turbo pump flange meets
up to the high vac valve. Parts are scheduled to be in Wednesday afternoon. Tool should be up online by the end of the week.


Shut down the MA flood exposure in the Bion lab for maintenance to replace mercury lamp.

Shut down Oriole flood exposure for maintenance to replace mercury lamp.