Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

Equipment Status:
  • We are still experiencing problems with the K&S 780 dicing saw. We will be sending the camera system and mixing box out for evaluation and repair. We should have it back sometime next week.
  • Still working on the critical point dryer and talking with their service department to determine why its consistently leaking CO2.
  • The Oreole flood exposure is still experiencing a power supply problem.
  • We’ve completed the ALD system and are planning a test run before the end of the week.
  • Tested out wet oxidation system. A short in gas panel has been repaired and the system is working again.
  • Worked on IM milling, replaced the emissions element and are planning a test run to verify system is operating properly.

Safety Topic:
We experienced an incident Tuesday afternoon. A user may have been exposed to HF due to another user improperly blowing dry an object outside the safety hood.
Users are reminded: Any work within the acid rooms should be performed inside the hood and directed away from yourself and others. If a user is not sure of a procedure, contact staff before proceeding. Users be aware, if involved in any safety incident to notify staff immediately no matter how small so we can take action.

INRF Staff