Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

As some of you might have noticed we have been short on certain size gowns for quite some time so last week we went through and pulled all the suits of users that have been using the lab part time. Today we implemented new Full time users, Part time users & Staff/Super users sections in the gowning room. The INRF is ready to go and the BION will be set up sometime next week.

  • Full Time Users: Users that use the lab on a daily basis. You will have a hanger w/ name-tag, coveralls, hood & shoe covers assigned to you. You are responsible for putting the items in the laundry bag when dirty and checking with the front desk to be issued a new set/item. Please let the front desk know if you plan on not using the lab on a regular basis so we can make those items available for other users.
  • Part Time Users: Users that use the lab on a bi-weekly/monthly basis. We have set up hangers of shared coveralls (sizes are labeled on the hanger). The hoods will be in a bin above the coveralls. Please use the disposable shoes covers. Return the coveralls and hoods to the correct hanger/bin when finished. If you plan on using the lab on a daily basis, contact the front desk.

As a reminder, Do not user gowns assigned to another staff member or cleanroom user.