Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

Microfluidic Chip Assay Device

Microfluidic Chip Assay DeviceMicro assay device made at UCI from multiple layers of polymer materials. This device couples microfluidic, electronic, mechanical and photonic technologies to deliver a disposable chemical lab in a hand-held unit. The specific application is for food safety inspection using chemiluminescence tagging, but the technology is general purpose.

Equipment used:

  • Silicon wafer to create an SU-8 mold.
  • Laurell Spinner to spin SU-8 photoresist.
  • Hotplate to soft-bake SU-8 photoresist.
  • KS MA6 Mask Aligner to UV expose and pattern silicon wafer.
  • Hotplate to post anneal developed SU-8.
  • Hot embosser to transfer SU-8 mold pattern to polymer substrate.