Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

Flexible Microfluidic Membranes

Flexible Microfluidic MembranesDemonstration of microfluidic channels system built using UCI technology (shown attached to human forearm). The system is capable of metering nano- and picoliters of fluid and is fabricated in a flexible polymer membrane built from Mylar and Teflon films.

An example application could be to monitor blood, or deliver drugs through a patch. Channels remain intact and deliver fluids properly despite considerable handling abuse.

Equipment used:

  • Silicon wafer to create an SU-8 mold
  • Laurell Spinner to spin SU-8 photoresist
  • Hotplate to soft-bake SU-8 photoresist
  • KS MA6 Mask Aligner to UV expose and pattern silicon wafer
  • Hotplate to post anneal developed SU-8
  • Hot embosser to transfer SU-8 mold pattern to Mylar substrate