Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

We are planning to shut down the INRF beginning December 5th through the 9th to do some maintenance throughout the lab. The BiON will be open. Facilities is planning a power shut down to the Engineering Gateway Building on Dec 12th. This will impact the INRF. A majority of the equipment will need attention once power is restored such as SEM and metalization systems.

Issues in the INRF are:
Gasonic asher
Lorel Photo Resist Spinner needs a vacuum switch replaced
Gardner Lipsometer continues to drift
Rudolph Lipsometer is up and running
Facilities is addressing the ventilation issue within the INRF. Hoping to
improve the exhaust capacity so we can return to using the laminar flow

Issues in the BiON are:
Bringing up the Quintel Mask aligner.
Providing Nitrogen purge line for the CM furnace.