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Hesse Mechatronics Bondjet 959

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BJ959 belong to the new generation of ultrasonic
wedge-wedge bonders developed for the fully automated processing
of a wide range of large-sized substrates, chips and other materials.
The systems can be used as a fully automatic machine or operated
manually. Hesse offers the only available solution on the market of
handling wires from 50 μm up to 600 μm** with only one bondhead.

  • 50 µm – 600 µm** bondhead for Al, Cu, AlCu (2 mil – 24 mil)
  • Optimized pattern recognition: image capture with new digital image processing and flash
  • Working area BJ959: 370 mm x 560 mm (14.6″ x 22.0″)
  • Flexible use of the large working area, e.g. vacuum-clamping of several 5″ x 7″ standard DCBs
  • Heavy wire and ribbon bondheads for Al, Cu and AlCu