Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Environmental Chamber

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A powerful, easy to use dual loop process controller from Research, Inc., this tool features a wide range of configuration, control, setpoint programming, monitoring and alarming for your environmental chamber applications. This tool is designed to provide superior digital PID control in general-purpose control applications. Standard as well as specialized thermocouple, RTD, and linear inputs can be used to provide complete closed-loop control of temperature and other variables.

An intelligent unit equipped with its own microprocessor, the universal operator interface features a unique backlit display, highly visible in the most adverse lighting conditions. Large, easily readable characters and a wide range of graphic displays give operators the information they need with clarity and precision. To move from screen to screen, the front panel is equipped with a large diamond shaped four-way display select key used to select graphic icons representing a full range of configuration and operation functions. For parameter selection and data entry, a large multi-function knob is available.

The programmer functions permit the use of programs up to 256 segments (750 segments optional), with segment times from .1 second to 99 hours. Also, you can assign analog outputs for either process control, customer events, or retransmission of profile characteristics. Time-proportioned outputs are also able to be configured, and a wide variety of alarm and event schemes are user-selectable.