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Ushio, Inc logoUSHIO Inc. is Japan’s foremost producer of high-quality light sources, units, and systems. USHIO has earned its reputation by developing products that integrate state-of-the-art lighting technologies and designs with the specific application needs of industry-leading clients in a wide range of fields, from semiconductors, electronics, and image information processing to biotechnology and medicine. USHIO maintains production facilities in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia and they are complemented by a worldwide marketing network of sales bases.

As the market for light sources and their application products grow, USHIO is expanding its group of highly specialized companies into an ever-increasing range of countries and regions. Through the internal synergy of the USHIO Group, we are able to produce and market a diverse lineup of the high-quality light sources and their application products and services that are essential to manufacturers. The USHIO Group aims to be the world’s leading provider of lighting-edge technology products.

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Tool Highlights

Bondjet BJ955/BJ959

Fully Automatic Heavy Wire Wedge Bonder
Fully Automatic Heavy Wire Wedge BonderBondjets BJ955 and BJ959 of the new bonder generation are ultrasonic wedge-wedge bonders developed for the fully automated processing of a wide range of large-sized substrates, chips and other materials. The systems can be used as a fully automatic machine or operated manually. Hesse offers the only available solution on the market of handling wires from 50 µm up to 600 µm** with only one bondhead.

Bondjet BJ955/959 are characterized by several new features:

  • Optimized pattern recognition
  • Software features for the growing demand of connectivity and industry 4.0 (e.g. Hesse Bonder Network, remote control of PR, improved MES integration, …)
  • Hesse Assist Tools: load cell, bondtool and wire spool detection, tool calibration without wedge gauge for operator independency
    Outstanding features are high speed and the largest bonding area. A change from aluminium to copper can be realized within minutes. The Hesse GmbH, as technology leader, has designed the only heavy wire bondhead with a non-destructive pulltest and a unique transducer integrated sensor for 100% quality monitoring in real-time. Advanced features available on the Bondjet BJ955 and BJ959 are designed to meet your present and future requirements and greatly enhance productivity.

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Bondjet BJ955/BJ959

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Bondjet BJ820

High Speed Fully Automatic Fine Wire Wedge Bonder
The Bondjet BJ820 is the world´s leading fully automated fine wire wedge wedge bonder. The BJ820 is ready for all wire bonding challenges on a single platform, using wires and ribbons made of aluminium, copper and gold. Typical applications are components in the HF and RF technology, COB, MCM and hybrids, opto and automotive electronics.

The BJ820 defines the latest state of technological development compared to the competition and is benchmark for:

  • The highest bonding speed in the industry
  • The largest working area of fast running fine wire bonders
  • The greatest axis accuracy

Supplemental videos:

Fast Bonding
Multi stitch looping Repeatability Sim
Constant Loop Height Constant Wire Length

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