The Center for Advanced Design and Manufacturing of Integrated Microfluidics (CADMIM) is a public-private consortium that facilitates productive, meaningful partnerships between universities and industry. Our mission is to develop microscale tools and technologies aimed at simpler, faster, and cheaper analytical solutions addressing human health, agriculture, and the environment. Join our National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) and realize key benefits.

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Left: Dr. Ian Papautsky (CADMIM Center Co-Director and University of Illinois at Chicago Site Leader).
Right: Dr. Abraham Lee (CADMIM Center Director and University of California, Irvine Site Leader)


“Our CADMIM membership is pivotal in building a network with world leading experts in microfluidics. CADMIM enabled us to conduct research projects at the transition from basic research to industrial application expanding our capabilities far beyond internal expertise. Combined with the focus on manufacturability the center offers a unique set of expertise and opportunities.”
– Dr. Frank Narz, Director R&D Scientific Applications, QIAGEN GmbH

“CADMIM offers a unique blend of university research from leading researchers in the field supported by leading providers of microfluidic manufacture and development. For the industrial members of CADMIM, who are interested in new product opportunities, this means novel IP is quickly reduced to practice for real world applications.”
– Dr. Leanna Levine, Founder, President and CEO, ALine, Inc.

“With tight research budgets, CADMIM offers an opportunity to leverage industrial investments. We’ve been able to guide world-class research in microfluidics toward challenges in technology development that are barriers to transition. Working in partnership with other members of the industrial advisory board has also brought valuable insight to our programs.”
– Dr. Laura Rea, Program Manager, Soft Matter Materials Branch, Air Force Research Laboratory


Fall IAB Meeting = September 5 – 6, 2018 at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Agenda: http://www.inrf.uci.edu/cadmim/iabmeeting/agenda/
Travel information & Logistics: http://www.inrf.uci.edu/cadmim/iabmeeting/logistics/

Ian Papautsky –  AIMBE Fellow, Class of 2018
Congratulations to Dr. Ian Papautsky, CADMIM Co-Director, on his induction to the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE)’s College of Fellows Class of 2018! Ian’s induction ceremony was held April 8 – 9, 2018 in Washington, DC at the National Academy of Sciences. AIMBE is the most prestigious society medical and biological engineering has to offer. Founded in 1991, AIMBE serves to advocate on issues impacting the medical and biological engineering community. Throughout AIMBE’s history, they have been a driving force in the advancement and innovations in the medical and biological engineering community. AIMBE played a pivotal role in helping to establish the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) at the National Institutes of Health. For more information about AIMBE College of Fellows: http://aimbe.org/college-of-fellows/about/

Ian joins Dr. Abe Lee, CADMIM Director, and Dr. Michelle Khine, CADMIM Faculty member, as an AIMBE Fellow. Abe was inducted in 2006, and Michelle in 2015. Ian, Abe, and Michelle are part of a select group (top 2%) of most accomplished medical and biological engineers that make up the College of Fellows.

[Left to Right]: (a) Ian Papautsky immediately after induction ceremony. (b) Ian, Dr. Tom Royston (UIC Bioengineering Department Head), and Dr. James Patton (fellow inductee and UIC Bioengineering faculty). (c) AIMBE Induction Ceremony venue. Click to enlarge photos.

CADMIM & DuPont Pioneer Collaboration Featured in the Media
UCI Applied Innovation assembled a special Spring 2018 issue of their quarterly publication, Tech Currents, that focuses on corporate engagement. This issue highlights CADMIM and the way we foster industry/university collaborations. As an example, the article highlights the long-term, productive working relationship between DuPont Pioneer (CADMIM founding IAB member) and the UCI laboratory of Dr. Abe Lee (CADMIM Center Director). This collaboration has taken on various forms throughout the years, including projects funded through CADMIM, sponsored research, and an NSF translational research grant. We certainly look forward to more productive years to come!
Access online version of the article here, posted April 5, 2018 (article appears in print as well): Tech Currents Spring 2018 CADMIM article


Photos of the DuPont/UCI collaborative team at the February 2018 CADMIM IAB meeting (left) and March 2017 CADMIM IAB meeting (right). Click to enlarge photos.

Abe Lee Introduces New Start-up Company: Kino Biosciences
Dr. Abe Lee, Center Director, co-founded a new start-up company, Kino Biosciences, along with Dr. Francis Duhay, former Chief Medical Officer at Edwards Lifesciences, Dr. Steven George (UC Davis), Dr. Chris Hughes (UCI), and Dr. Hugh Bender. The core technology is based on a vascularized microphysiological platform co-developed by the founders and extensively published in the literature over the last 5 years. A portion of this work appeared in “A Vascularized and Perfused Organ-on-a-Chip Platform for Large-Scale Drug Screening Applications,” one of the top 10 most downloaded articles published in Lab on a Chip in 2017. For more information about this new company, check out their website (launched March 13, 2018): http://www.kinobio.com/


CADMIM Faculty Capture External Funds
Dr. David Eddington, CADMIM Faculty member at the University of Illinois at Chicago, was just awarded an R21 grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH) National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) in the amount of $410K over 2 years starting April 1, 2018. The title of this project is “3D Printed High Throughput Microfluidic Platform to Generate Microenvironmental Oxygen and Hydrogen Sulfide Landscapes.” Dr. Eddington, PI, is joined by Co-PIs Dr. Jalees Rehman (Dept. of Pharmacology) and Dr. Tom Driver (Dept. of Chemistry). Congratulations to the team!

In addition, Dr. Wendy Liu and Dr. Michelle Khine, CADMIM Faculty at UC Irvine, were each awarded Pilot Grants by the UCI Institute for Clinical and Translational Science (ICTS). A total of eight $25K awards were made. Wendy’s group is conducting research on immunomodulatory biomaterials for use in wound care. Michelle’s group will be working on conformable wearable electronics to monitor congestive heart failure (CHF). Congratulations to both! For more information: http://engineering.uci.edu/news/2018/3/biomedical-engineers-earn-funding-innovative-projects


CADMIM Group Completes NSF I-Corps Program at UCI
Members of Dr. Abe Lee’s group completed the UCI NSF Innovation-Corps (I-Corps) Site program March 14, 2018. The team, consisting of Dr. Abe Lee (CADMIM Director), Dr. Gisela Lin (CADMIM Deputy Director), Dr. Gopa Kurup (Post-doc, Lee Group), and Mr. Mohammad Aghaamoo (Graduate Student, Lee Group), conducted over 30 customer discovery interviews towards determining the best product/market fit for the microfluidic platform developed via CADMIM project Y3-002: “Droplet-based Single Cell Assays – from Phenotype to Genotype.” This team, one of 10 teams in the Winter 2018 Cohort, is the first from CADMIM to complete this I-Corps Site program. Many thanks to Dr. Paul Rounding, PR Bioconsulting, who served as the team’s industrial mentor, and to our IAB members who were interviewed as part of this process!
For more information about this program, housed at UCI Applied Innovation: http://innovation.uci.edu/programs/i-corps/. The UCI I-Corps Site is part of the national NSF I-Corps National Innovation Network: https://www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/i-corps/

First team from CADMIM completes NSF I-Corps Site course at UCI Applied Innovation. Left to right in group photo: Doug Crawford (instructor), Mohammad Aghaamoo, Gopa Kurup, Gisela Lin, Sophia Lin (instructor). Not pictured: Abe Lee, Paul Rounding. Click to enlarge photos.

New Publication from Lee Group
The research group of Dr. Abe Lee, CADMIM Director, just published a new paper in Microsystems and Nanoengineering, a Nature Publishing Group journal with open access and continuous online publication. “Whole-blood Sorting, Enrichment, and in-situ Immunolabeling of Cellular Subsets Using Acoustic Microstreaming,” by Neha Garg, Trisha M. Westerhof, Vick Liu, Robin Liu, Edward L. Nelson, and Abraham P. Lee was published online February 26, 2018. This work, co-funded by CADMIM, is a collaboration between multiple entities at UC Irvine (Henry Samueli School of Engineering, School of Medicine, and Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Hochuen Medical Technology Company, Ltd. Congratulations to the team! To access this online article, see here: https://www.nature.com/articles/micronano201785


Another great CADMIM IAB Meeting! 
So nice to see everyone at the CADMIM Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) meeting February 14 – 15, 2018 at the University of California, Irvine. The annual project portfolio has been selected – see list here: http://www.inrf.uci.edu/cadmim/research-projects/
Many thanks to our IAB members, faculty, post-docs, and students who participated in this event and made it a huge success! We look forward to seeing everyone again in Chicago in September.
Click on photos below to enlarge. More photos from this event here: February 2018 IAB meeting photos


Salman Khetani Captures NIH R01 Funds
University of Illinois at Chicago Associate Professor Salman Khetani, CADMIM faculty member, has just received a new National Institutes of Health (NIH) Research Project Grant (R01) entitled “Elucidating Chemo-mechanical Determinants of Human Hepatocyte and Stellate Cell Responses in Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.” Salman is the PI, with Dr. Greg Underhill from UIUC as Co-PI. The sponsor is the NIH National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. This grant totals $1.38M over 4 years, beginning February 8, 2018. Congratulations to Salman and the team!
For grant abstract see here: https://projectreporter.nih.gov/project_info_description.cfm?aid=9546079&icde=38094623&ddparam=&ddvalue=&ddsub=&cr=1&csb=default&cs=ASC&pball=
To learn more about Dr. Khetani’s lab, visit the website: www.mtmlaboratory.com or watch the YouTube video: Khetani Lab Video

New Publication from Haun Group
The research group of Dr. Jered Haun, CADMIM faculty member, just published a new paper in Scientific Reports, a Nature Publishing Group journal. With over a million article page views per month, Scientific Reports covers all areas of the natural and clinical sciences. Open access and continuous online publication allows articles to be published rapidly, ready to be accessed by anyone, anywhere, at any time. “Microfluidic channel design optimization to improve hydrodynamic dissociation of cell aggregates and tissue,” by Xiaolong Qiu, Jen-Huang Huang, Trisha M. Westerhof, Jeremy A. Lombardo, Katrina M. Henrikson, Marissa Pennell, Pedram P. Pourfard, Edward L. Nelson, Pulak Nath, and Jered B. Haun, was published online February 9, 2018. This work, co-funded by CADMIM, is a collaboration between UC Irvine, National Tsing Hua University, and Los Alamos National Laboratory (CADMIM IAB member). To access this online article, see here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-20931-y


Chong Ahn Elected Fellow of the Graduate School at UC
Dr. Chong Ahn, CADMIM faculty member, was just elected Fellow of the Graduate School at the University of Cincinnati. The Fellows of The Graduate School recognize distinguished researchers and scholars from throughout the University of Cincinnati. In addition to their outstanding individual accomplishments, Fellows are generally among the most experienced and accomplished graduate-student mentors at the University. New Fellows are elected annually by the current Fellows and then appointed for life by the Board of Trustees. Criteria for election include evidence of outstanding scholarly and/or artistic attainment. The Fellows therefore constitute a significant resource of talent, experience and intellect at the university. Congratulations Chong!
For more information about Chong’s research: http://www.biomems.uc.edu/

Steckl Group Students Win Elevator Pitch Competition Prizes
Ms. Prajoka Ray and Ms. Shima Dalirirad, both students of Dr. Andrew Steckl, CADMIM Faculty member at University of Cincinnati, received 1st and 3rd prizes, respectively, in the Students’ Elevator Pitch Competition at the UC Sensors Community Retreat held January 5, 2018. This annual event brings together experts from diverse backgrounds, including biomedical devices, medical diagnostics, wearable sensors, and smart/functional materials. Prajokta took first place in the Elevator Pitch Competition with “Label Free Optical Detection of Stress Biomarkers in Sweat and Plasma,” while Shima took 3rd place with “Stress and Depression Biomarkers Detection by Paper Based Biosensor.” Both Prajokta and Shima are lead contributors to currently funded CADMIM project “N-003: Optical Sensing for Stress Biomarker Detection in Bodily Fluids.” Congratulations to both!

Lee Group Paper Included in Lab on a Chip’s Top 10 Most Downloaded Articles in 2017
Congratulations to Dr. Abe Lee’s group and collaborators for producing one of the top 10 most downloaded articles published in Lab on a Chip in 2017! The title of the paper is “A Vascularized and Perfused Organ-on-a-Chip Platform for Large-Scale Drug Screening Applications,” authored by Duc T. T. Phan, Xiaolin Wang, Brianna M. Craver, Agua Sobrino, Da Zhao, Jerry C. Chen, Lilian Y. N. Lee, Steven C. George, Abraham P. Lee, and Christopher S. W. Hughes. This work, funded by NIH, is a multi-institution collaboration (UC Irvine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Washington University) as well as an inter-departmental collaboration at UC Irvine (Depts. of Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and the Edwards Lifesciences Center for Advanced Cardiovascular Technology). Congratulations to the team!
To access this article: http://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2017/lc/c6lc01422d#!divAbstract
For a complete list of Top 10 Most Downloaded Articles published in Lab on a Chip in 2017: http://pubs.rsc.org/en/journals/articlecollectionlanding?sercode=lc&themeid=8dff26f6-3540-4fef-8fae-58a950929fcf

(Left) Schematic of the platform assembly. (Right) Microscale vascular networks inside the 3 tissue chambers, formed around colorectal cancer cells. Click on photos to enlarge.