Thank you for visiting the Center for Advanced Design and Manufacturing of Integrated Microfluidics (CADMIM). We are a National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC). Our mission is to develop design tools and manufacturing technologies for integrated microfluidics targeting cost-effective, quick, and easy assessment of the environment, agriculture, and human health. Get involved in this world-class, leading-edge NSF I/UCRC! Join our organization and realize key benefits.

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Left: Dr. Ian Papautsky (CADMIM Center Co-Director and University of Illinois at Chicago Site Leader).
Right: Dr. Abraham Lee (CADMIM Center Director and University of California, Irvine Site Leader)


“Our CADMIM membership is pivotal in building a network with world leading experts in microfluidics. CADMIM enabled us to conduct research projects at the transition from basic research to industrial application expanding our capabilities far beyond internal expertise. Combined with the focus on manufacturability the center offers a unique set of expertise and opportunities.”
– Dr. Frank Narz, Director R&D Scientific Applications, QIAGEN GmbH

“CADMIM offers a unique blend of university research from leading researchers in the field supported by leading providers of microfluidic manufacture and development. For the industrial members of CADMIM, who are interested in new product opportunities, this means novel IP is quickly reduced to practice for real world applications.”
– Dr. Leanna Levine, Founder, President and CEO, ALine, Inc.

“With tight research budgets, CADMIM offers an opportunity to leverage industrial investments. We’ve been able to guide world-class research in microfluidics toward challenges in technology development that are barriers to transition. Working in partnership with other members of the industrial advisory board has also brought valuable insight to our programs.”
– Dr. Laura Rea, Program Manager, Soft Matter Materials Branch, Air Force Research Laboratory


Next CADMIM IAB Meeting Feb. 14 – 15, 2018 at UC Irvine
The next CADMIM Industrial Advisory Board meeting will be held February 14 – 15, 2018 at the University of California, Irvine. This will be a project selection meeting.
Registration here: https://www.regonline.com/builder/site/?eventid=2093213
Agenda here: http://www.inrf.uci.edu/cadmim/iabmeeting/agenda/
Travel information and registration here: http://www.inrf.uci.edu/cadmim/iabmeeting/logistics/

Wearable Sensors Critical Review Paper Published in Lab on a Chip – Featured as Cover Article
CADMIM Faculty members Jason Heikenfeld and Michelle Khine, along with other prominent researchers in the wearable sensor field, have published a critical review paper entitled “Wearable Sensors: Modalities, Challenges, and Prospects.” This paper was published as an advance article in Lab on a Chip November 28, 2017, and covers the recent successes and fundamental obstacles in this field. This article is now featured as the cover article in the January 21, 2018 print edition of this journal. NSF and CADMIM are also acknowledged in the publication. Congratulations to Jason, Michelle, and all the authors!  To access it see here:

The state-of-the-art wearable sensors featured in the review paper include a sweat sensor, developed by the Heikenfeld group at the University of Cincinnati, and a wearable strain sensor, developed by the Khine group at the University of California, Irvine. 

Khine Lab Students Receive Public Impact Fellowships
Lancy Lin and Michael Chu, graduate students in Michelle Khine’s Group, received Public Impact Fellowships at UC Irvine. These fellowships highlight and support doctoral or MFA students whose current research has the potential for substantial impact in the public sphere. Ideal candidates will be involved in research designed to significantly improve or enrich the lives of Californians and/or national and global communities. All Schools are eligible to nominate students to compete for a total of 14 fellowships. This year’s recipients include 4 fellows from the Biomedical Engineering Department (including Lancy and Michael). The fellowship funds will support the students’ research. Lancy is currently working on wearable and point-of-care monitoring methods for detecting and managing congestive heart failure, while Michael is focused on developing wearable health sensors for monitoring patient vitals, specifically heart rate and respiration. Congratulations to both! For more information about this fellowship, see here: https://www.grad.uci.edu/funding/fellowships-awards/internal/public-impact-fellowship.php.

2 Patents Granted to Elliot Hui’s Group
CADMIM Faculty member, Dr. Elliot Hui, and his former students have been granted two separate patents around the microfluidic logic circuits under development in his laboratory:
(1) E.E. Hui, P.N. Duncan, T. V. Nguyen, “Microfluidic oscillator pump utilizing a ring oscillator circuit implemented by pneumatic or hydraulic valves.” U.S. Patent 9,784,258. Granted Oct 10, 2017. https://www.google.com/patents/US9784258
(2) E.E. Hui, S. Ahrar, “Microfluidic Logic Circuit.” U.S. Patent 9,797,524. Granted Oct 24, 2017. https://www.google.com/patents/US9797524
Both of these patents are the result of work funded by the Division of Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems (ECCS) at NSF and the DARPA- and industry-supported Micro/Nano Fluidics Fundamentals Focus (MF3) Center. This work also forms the basis for Dr. Hui’s currently funded CADMIM projects. Congratulations to the Hui Group!

(Left) Exploded view diagram of a normally closed elastomeric membrane valve, the fundamental building block of microfluidic digital logic. (Right) Photo of a ring mixer capable of metering fluids, mixing, incubating, and flushing to output. Each operation is controlled by adjacent microfluidic logic circuits (not shown). Reference: Nguyen, et. al., Lab on a Chip, 2012, 12, 3991–3994. Click on photos to enlarge.

Abe Lee and MicroTAS 2017 Featured on HSSoE Website
The Henry Samueli School of Engineering (HSSoE) website at UC Irvine featured Dr. Abe Lee, CADMIM Center Director, in a short article about co-chairing the 21st International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (MicroTAS 2017), held in Savannah, Georgia, October 22 – 26, 2017. See here: http://engineering.uci.edu/news/2017/11/lee-co-chairs-global-conference

CADMIM and Papautsky Lab Featured in UIC Annual Report
The Richard and Loan Hill Department of Bioengineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) recently released their 2016 – 2017 Annual Report. Pages 18 – 19 feature an article about Ian Papautsky (CADMIM Co-Director), his research group, CADMIM, and the last IAB meeting we held at UIC. See PDF version of the article here: UIC_Bioeng_Annual_Report_2017 – Papautsky_CADMIM
To see the entire 2016 – 2017 Annual Report: http://web.bioe.uic.edu/bioe-wp/bioe-about/UIC_Bioengineering_Annual_Report_2017.pdf
Link to Ian Papautsky Group website: http://papautsky.lab.uic.edu/

Ian Papautsky’s research group was featured in the UIC Bioengineering Dept. Annual Report, along with CADMIM and the Fall CADMIM IAB meeting. Click to enlarge images. More photos from the IAB meeting can be found in the photo archive under the “About CADMIM” tab.

CADMIM Publication in Lab on a Chip
Dr. Gopakumar Kamalakshakurup, post-doctoral researcher and Dr. Abraham P. Lee, CADMIM Center Director, both at University of California Irvine, have published their work entitled “High-Efficiency Single Cell Encapsulation and Size Selective Capture of Cells in Picoliter Droplets based on Hydrodynamic Micro-vortices” in Lab on a Chip. Published online October 23, 2017, this work was funded by CADMIM via project Y3-002: “Droplet-based Single Cell Assays – from Phenotype to Genotype.” Congratulations Gopa & Abe!
Paper abstract here: http://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2017/lc/c7lc00972k#!divAbstract

Beads and cells can be trapped, then released into individual droplets (10um beads shown here). Click photo to enlarge.

2 MicroTAS Student Prize winners From CADMIM
(1) Adam Hauke (U. Cincinnati) won the CHEMINAS Young Researcher Poster Award for his poster entitled “An Integrated Microfluidic System for Continuous Wearable Sweat Sampling and Sensing: Solving Issues with nL Sample Volumes and Skin Contamination.” Full author list: Adam Hauke, Nick Twine, Phillip Simmers, Zach Sonner, Ryan Norton, and Jason Heikenfeld. Only 3 posters received this award, out of ~ 700 total posters presented. This award is sponsored by The Society for Chemistry and Micro-Nano Systems (CHEMINAS) to recognize excellence among conference participants. In addition to recognition, Adam also received a $500 cash prize. We would especially like to recognize the contributions of Nick Twine (MS student) and Ryan Norton (former co-op) to this work. Congratulations to the team!

(2) Sthitodhi Ghosh (U. Cincinnati) won the 3rd place Hochuen Portable Microfluidic Award. Sponsored by Hochuen International Corporation, these awards recognize significant progress and innovative excellence in portable devices. Portable device entries must be smaller than 50 inch3 (or 820 cc) and should not require a tethered external power supply (solar or other power harvesting is permissible as well as use of a smart phone or wireless device for programming and control). Entries were judged on 1. Innovation, 2. Functionality, 3. Ease of Use, and 4. Applications enabled. In addition to recognition, Sthitodhi received a $250 cash prize. This winning device is featured his conference paper (presented at the podium) entitled “A New Mobile Healthcare System Using Smartphone and Lab-on-a-Chip for On-Site Diagnostics of Malaria.” Full author list: Sthitodhi Ghosh, Kashish Aggarwal, Chong H. Ahn. Congratulations to all!

For a complete list of winners for all competitions and categories, see here: http://www.microtas2017.org/welcome/winners.html


Click on images to enlarge

CADMIM Publication in IEEE Sensors
Dr. Vishak Venkatraman and Dr. Andrew Steckl, CADMIM faculty member at University of Cincinnati, have published their work entitled “Quantitative Detection in Lateral Flow Immunoassay using Integrated Organic Optoelectronics” in IEEE Sensors Journal. Published online October 18, 2017, this work was funded by CADMIM via project Y2-002: “NFC-Operated Quantitative Point-of-care Diagnostic Assays with Low-to-Zero On-Board Power.” Vishak graduated from the University of Cincinnati in May 2017 and is now a postdoctoral researcher at Northwestern University. Congratulations Vishak & Andrew!
Paper abstract here: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/8070930/

Paper describes the integration of organic optoelectronics (light emission and detection) with lateral flow immunoassay (LFIA) paper-based biosensor that uses capillary action for transportation of fluids. Click photo to enlarge.

Jason Heikenfeld Receives Technology Commercialization Award for Biosensor
Dr. Jason Heikenfeld, CADMIM Faculty member and Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computing Systems at U. Cincinnati, has been honored with the second-annual Technology Commercialization Award from the Ohio Faculty Council for his biosensor that stimulates sweat even while a patient is cool and resting. This sensor was recently published in the August 2017 issue of Lab on a Chip (Inside Cover Article). This work was partially funded by CADMIM. Congratulations Jason!
For more information see: http://www.uc.edu/news/NR.aspx?id=25645
For a related article that appeared in the UC Magazine August 3, 2017: http://magazine.uc.edu/editors_picks/recent_features/Sweat.html

The sensor, about the size of a Band-Aid, uses a low electric current and carbachol gel to stimulate sweat under it. Click photo to enlarge.

Michelle Khine Featured in NAI Activities Report
Dr. Michelle Khine, CADMIM faculty member, was featured in the 2017 National Academy of Inventors (NAI) Activities Report, published September 2017. Dr. Khine was inducted as a National Academy of Inventors fellow in 2016. The NAI was founded in 2010 to recognize and encourage inventors with patents issued from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, enhance the visibility of academic technology and innovation, encourage the disclosure of intellectual property, educate and mentor innovative students, and translate the inventions of its members to benefit society. The article, entitled “University of California, Irvine: Shrinky-Dinks All Grown Up,” gives an overview of the different devices in Dr. Khine’s lab made possible by shrink film technology. See article here: 2017 NAI Activities Report

Ian Papautsky Receives Endowed Named Professorship
Congratulations to Dr. Ian Papautsky, CADMIM Co-Director and Professor in Bioengineering at UIC. On September 18, 2017 Ian was honored at an investiture ceremony as the recipient of the Richard and Loan Hill Professorship in Bioengineering. Richard Hill and his wife, Loan, are major supporters of the UIC Colleges of Engineering and Medicine. Richard Hill is the former CEO of Novellus Systems, one of the top 10 semiconductor equipment manufacturers in the world. Congratulations to Ian on this prestigious award!
For more information: https://engineering.uic.edu/2017/10/31/hill-professorships-now-total-six/
For article published in the UIC Fall 2017 Newsletter: UIC_BioE_Fall_2017_Newsletter-investiture

Photos from Ian’s investiture ceremony. (Left) From Left to Right: Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, Dr. Robert Barish, Dr. Ian Papautsky, Dean of Engineering Dr. Peter Nelson, and Dean of Medicine Dr. Dimitri Azar. (Right) Two prominent faculty from the University of Cincinnati were also present to honor Ian at the ceremony: Dr. Bill Heineman, world renowned chemist and one of Ian’s mentors, and Dr. Chong Ahn, CADMIM faculty member and microfluidics pioneer. Click photos to enlarge.