The Center for Advanced Design and Manufacturing of Integrated Microfluidics (CADMIM) is a public-private consortium that facilitates productive, meaningful partnerships between universities and industry. Our mission is to develop microscale tools and technologies aimed at simpler, faster, and cheaper analytical solutions addressing human health, agriculture, and the environment. Join our National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry-University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC) and realize key benefits regarding first access to cutting-edge lab-on-a-chip research, recruiting, and relationship building.

Save the Date! Next CADMIM Industrial Advisory Board meeting will be held February 26 – 27, 2020 at UC Irvine. 

This short video, produced by UIDP and featuring CADMIM, presents an overview of the NSF IUCRC program and how these unique centers operate, contribute to the nation’s research infrastructure base, facilitate technology transfer, and enhance the intellectual capacity of the science and engineering workforce through the integration of research and education.


“Our CADMIM membership is pivotal in building a network with world leading experts in microfluidics. CADMIM enabled us to conduct research projects at the transition from basic research to industrial application expanding our capabilities far beyond internal expertise. Combined with the focus on manufacturability the center offers a unique set of expertise and opportunities.”
– Dr. Frank Narz, Director R&D Scientific Applications, QIAGEN GmbH

“CADMIM offers a unique blend of university research from leading researchers in the field supported by leading providers of microfluidic manufacture and development. For the industrial members of CADMIM, who are interested in new product opportunities, this means novel IP is quickly reduced to practice for real world applications.”
– Dr. Leanna Levine, Founder, President and CEO, ALine, Inc.

“With tight research budgets, CADMIM offers an opportunity to leverage industrial investments. We’ve been able to guide world-class research in microfluidics toward challenges in technology development that are barriers to transition. Working in partnership with other members of the industrial advisory board has also brought valuable insight to our programs.”
– Dr. Laura Rea, Program Manager, Soft Matter Materials Branch, Air Force Research Laboratory


Asahi Kasei Corporation Joins CADMIM
Asahi Kasei Corporation is a global Japanese chemical company, with business units in materials, homes, and healthcare (including pharmaceuticals and medical devices). Asahi Kasei products and technologies are found in almost every aspect of life – unit homes, cling film, electronic parts in computers and smartphones, performance resins for cars, and medicines that support human health. We are pleased that such a diverse company has joined the CADMIM Industrial Advisory Board, and we look forward to working with their delegates on new research efforts. For more information about Asahi Kasei Corporation: https://www.asahi-kasei.co.jp/asahi/en/

Another Great IAB Meeting!
Many thanks to everyone who came to the September 4 – 5, 2019 Fall Industrial Advisory Board Meeting at the University of Illinois at Chicago. We were happy to have great weather, stimulating conversations, and new relationships forged. Many thanks to all the outstanding students and post-docs for producing high quality project update presentations and posters! More pictures from this event here: Fall 2019 IAB Meeting Photos

Abe Lee Receives Appreciation Award
Dr. Abe Lee (CADMIM Center Director) has served as UCI Department of Biomedical Engineering Chair for the past 9 years! Starting July 1, 2019 the new BME Department Chair will be Dr. Zoran Nenadic. Dr. Lee is the Henry Samueli School of Engineering’s longest serving senior administrator. On June 5, 2019 Dr. Lee received an appreciation award for doing a masterful job in leading the UCI BME Department into significant prosperity, notoriety, and accomplishment. Congratulations! See here for more information:

Two CADMIM Professors Receive UIC Faculty Awards
Congratulations to Dr. David Eddington and Dr. Jie Xu! Both CADMIM faculty received faculty awards, announced at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Engineering Faculty meeting. David Eddington, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Bioengineering Department at UIC, received the Faculty Award for Advising. Jie Xu, Assistant Professor in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department at UIC, received the Faculty Award for Teaching.

Fourth CADMIM Team Completes NSF I-Corps Program at UCI and Wins Beall Student Design Competition
Members of Dr. Michelle Khine’s group completed the UCI NSF Innovation-Corps (I-Corps) Site program May 29, 2019. Team members include Dr. Josh Kim (Post-doc) and Lancy Lin (PhD Candidate). The team, one of 6 teams in the Spring 2019 Cohort, conducted over 30 customer discovery interviews towards determining the best product/market fit for a wearable sensor to monitor blood pressure. This team also competed in the Beall Student Design Competition at UCI’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering June 4, 2019 and won first prize = $10,000! Photo, courtesy of Matt Miller at UCI Bren School of ICS, shows Lancy Lin and Dr. Greg Washington, Dean of The Henry Samueli School of Engineering. Congratulations! For more information about this competition: http://tech.uci.edu/competitions/. For more information about the UCI NSF I-Corps program, housed at UCI Beall Applied Innovation: http://innovation.uci.edu/programs/i-corps/.

Salman Khetani Awarded NIH R21 Grant
Dr. Salman Khetani, CADMIM faculty at University of Illinois at Chicago, received a $426,992 NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases R21 grant to develop a first-of-its-kind scalable 3D human liver platform containing induced hepatocyte-like cells (iHep cells) and non-parenchymal cells (NPCs) that displays chronic Hepatitis B virus infection while retaining the ability to adequately metabolize drugs for screening.This platform can thus be used to study mechanisms underlying hepatocyte-NPC interactions towards discovering novel druggable targets. This study commenced on June 11, 2019 and will continue for 2 years. Congratulations!

Four CADMIM Undergraduate Students Receive REU Awards
Congratulations to Dalia Hammouri (Haun Lab, UCI), Evan Ranario (Lee Lab, UCI), Vanessa Pineda (Xu lab, UIC), and Javier Contreras (Xu Lab, UIC). All are CADMIM recipients of $8,000 Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) awards. Dalia will be contributing to “Y6-005: Device design and protocol optimization for dissociation of diverse tissues and organs into single cells.” Evan will be working on a project entitled “Microphysiological Systems to Model Vascular Malformations.” Vanessa will be working on “3D-printed microfluidics for creating complex droplet structures with unusual optomechanical properties,” while Javier will be contributing to a project entitled “Portable optofluidic biosensors for rapid bacteria detection.” All students will participate in the Fall CADMIM IAB meeting at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Articles posted about CADMIM NSF-funded interns
To date, CADMIM has successfully funded 4 graduate student internships in industry. Ms. Vanessa Herrera in Jered Haun’s group at UC Irvine interned at Amgen (CADMIM IAB member) at the head office in Thousand Oaks, California. Previously Lancy Lin and Esther Chen, in the laboratories of Dr. Michelle Khine and Dr. Wendy Liu at UCI, respectively, finished 6-month internships at Beckman Coulter (CADMIM IAB member). Ali Ahmadian-Yazdi from Jie Xu’s lab at U.I. Chicago also finished a 5-month internship at Beckman Coulter. All 4 were funded through the NSF INTERN program, which provides funds for internships for graduate students to support career development and opportunities. To learn more about the NSF INTERN program: https://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2018/nsf18102/nsf18102.jsp
Article about UCI INTERNs: http://engineering.uci.edu/news/2019/6/nsf-cadmim-fund-graduate-student-internships
Article about Ali’s INTERN experience: https://today.uic.edu/engineering-doctoral-student-gains-industry-experience-through-nsf-program

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