Membership benefits

Cutting-Edge Science:

  • Access lab-on-a-chip expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing and university research facilities.
  • Early access to pre-competitive center research discoveries.
  • Non-exclusive royalty-free license to CADMIM research inventions.
  • If only one member is interested in an invention, they may obtain an exclusive fee-bearing license.
  • Multiple members can obtain an exclusive fee-bearing license to an invention, separated by field of use.

Relationship Building:

  • Collaborative development of solutions to corporate challenges with innovative, world class faculty
  • Regular networking with customers and competitors.
  • Identify and hire students and post-docs trained in company-relevant research and technologies.
  • Build the foundation for more competition-sensitive collaborations:
    • Partner with faculty in pursuing external technology translation funds for your research¬†interests.
    • Engage in sponsored research projects with guaranteed exclusive access to inventions.

Economic Development:

  • Cost-effective strategy to seed new research efforts.
  • Realize substantial Research Cost Avoidance (see below) and reduced time to market.
  • Option to contribute additional funds, at 10% indirect cost, to accelerate center research projects.
  • Opportunity for corporate engineers to learn emerging microfluidic techniques and tools.

Membership Fees and Fund Leveraging:

CADMIM utilizes government, academic, and industry resources to support research of interests of the IAB. The annual membership fee for CADMIM is $50,000, which funds center research at 10% indirect cost (compared to $50% – 60% at most universities). CADMIM membership fees are highly leveraged, as members have access to over 30 times more center resources for each year of membership. The total CADMIM program budget has reached over $10M over the last 6 years.