Membership benefits

  • Economic strategy to seed new research efforts – seat on the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) that collectively selects research projects to be funded each year.
  • Early access to center research discoveries.
  • Long term relationship building with innovative, world class faculty through collaborative development of solutions to corporate challenges.
  • Regular networking with customers and competitors.
  • Option to contribute additional membership fees to accelerate CADMIM research projects, also at 10% indirect cost.
  • Identify and recruit students and post-docs as interns and employees trained in company-relevant research and techniques.
  • Develop the foundation for more competition-sensitive collaborations:
    • Partner with faculty in pursuing external funds for your research¬†interests via joint proposals.
    • Separate sponsored research projects with guaranteed exclusive access to inventions.
  • Opportunity for training of company engineers in emerging technologies and tools.Access to university state-of-the-art research facilities and unique manufacturing capabilities through the universities and select member companies.
  • Non-exclusive royalty-free license to CADMIM research inventions.
  • If only one member is interested in an invention, they may obtain an exclusive fee-bearing license.
  • Multiple members can obtain an exclusive fee-bearing license to an invention, separated by field of use.

Membership Fees and Fund Leveraging:

CADMIM utilizes government, academic, and industry resources to support research of interests of the IAB. The annual membership fee for CADMIM is $50,000, which funds center research at 10% indirect cost (compared to $50% – 60% at most universities).

CADMIM membership fees are highly leveraged, as members have access to a $8.2M program and realize substantial Research Cost Avoidance (RCA, defined as the amount of money a company saves by doing research through an I/UCRC, like CADMIM, rather than taking on the project internally). Median RCA/center = $318,000/year. Total reported RCA across all 77 NSF I/UCRCs = $278M annually.