Since the official center launch 2014, CADMIM has been featured in several articles on line and in print:


CADMIM Students featured in LabTV videos, talking about their research (published August 2015):

Whole blood separation in microfluidics in Abe Lee’s lab at UCI (posted January 2013):
Overview of Michelle Khine’s microfluidics work at UCI (posted July 2013):
Video of working microfluidic devices made at ALine and presented at the IAB meeting (posted June 2015):
Featurette of Jason Heikenfeld’s lab at U. Cincinnati (posted September 2015):
Overview video of Salman Khetani’s lab at UIC (posted May 2017):
Whole blood sorting in microfluidics in Abe Lee’s lab at UCI (posted February 2018):
Abe Lee, Center Director, speaking about “What Matters to Me and Why” (published February 2018):
Jason Heikenfeld’s talk “Sweat-based Biometric Monitoring, While Active or Resting” (posted March 2018):
Brent Ware, from Salman Khetani’s laboratory at UIC, featurette (published June 2018):
7 News Brisbane newscast, featuring Ian Papautsky’s collaborative work with QUT on cancer diagnostic microfluidics (posted July 5, 2018):
NSF IUCRC video, produced by UIDP and featuring CADMIM:

Download-able video about NSF I/UCRCs:
Click here to download a 8 min video about the benefits of joining an NSF I/UCRCs (video is ~ 48MB)

Relevant Links:
University of California, Irvine
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Cincinnati
National Science Foundation
NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Program

Click here for PDF file with background information about NSF I/UCRCs.