The Center for Advanced Design and Manufacturing of Integrated Microfluidics (CADMIM) is a public-private NSF center that helps companies address technical challenges via scalable lab-on-a-chip technology. Through productive, meaningful partnerships between universities and industry, we develop microscale tools and technologies aimed at simpler, faster, and cheaper analytical solutions addressing human health, agriculture, and the environment. Join us and realize key benefits regarding first access to cutting-edge lab-on-a-chip research, recruiting, and relationship building.

Next CADMIM Industrial Advisory Board meeting will be held February 16 – 17, 2022 at the University of California, Irvine. Save the Date!

This short video, produced by UIDP and featuring CADMIM, presents an overview of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry-University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC) program and how these unique centers operate, contribute to the nation’s research infrastructure base, facilitate technology transfer, and enhance the intellectual capacity of the science and engineering workforce through the integration of research and education.


“Our CADMIM membership is pivotal in building a network with world leading experts in microfluidics. CADMIM enabled us to conduct research projects at the transition from basic research to industrial application expanding our capabilities far beyond internal expertise. Combined with the focus on manufacturability the center offers a unique set of expertise and opportunities.”
– Dr. Frank Narz, Director R&D Scientific Applications, QIAGEN GmbH

“CADMIM offers a unique blend of university research from leading researchers in the field supported by leading providers of microfluidic manufacture and development. For the industrial members of CADMIM, who are interested in new product opportunities, this means novel IP is quickly reduced to practice for real world applications.”
– Dr. Leanna Levine, Founder, President and CEO, ALine, Inc.

“With tight research budgets, CADMIM offers an opportunity to leverage industrial investments. We’ve been able to guide world-class research in microfluidics toward challenges in technology development that are barriers to transition. Working in partnership with other members of the industrial advisory board has also brought valuable insight to our programs.”
– Dr. Laura Rea, Program Manager, Soft Matter Materials Branch, Air Force Research Laboratory


CADMIM at MicroTAS 2021
3 CADMIM-funded papers were presented at the 25th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (MicroTAS 2021) October 10 – 14, 2021 in Palm Springs, California:
(1) “Hydrodynamically-induced Droplet Microvortices for Cell Pairing Applications,” by Xuhao Luo, Braulio Cardenas-Benitez, Francesco Palomba, Michelle Digman, Abraham P. Lee (oral presentation)
(2) “Microfluidic Viscometer by Acoustic Streaming Transducers,” by Ruoyu Jiang, Abhinand M. Sudarshana, Paul Yoo, Francesco Palomba, Michelle Digman, Abraham P. Lee (oral presentation)
(3) “Theoretical, Computational, and Experimental Characterization of Shear-dependent Micro-vortices in Liquid-Liquid Flow-focusing Geometry,” by Marzieh Ataei, Mohammad Aghaamoo, Gopakumar Kamalakshakurup, Abraham P. Lee (poster presentation)


Successful Hybrid Fall CADMIM IAB Meeting/Retreat
Many thanks to everyone who attended our first hybrid IAB meeting last month! Great to finally see some of you in person at the University of Illinois at Chicago and reconnect with those online. Also many thanks to all the students and post-docs who prepared the posters, slide decks, and videos! More photos from the event here: Fall 2021 IAB Meeting Photos

UCI CADMIM Teams Complete NSF I-Corps Programs
(1) A team from CADMIM successfully completed the national I-Corps Teams program in May 2021. Elliot Hui (CADMIM Core Faculty) served as the Technical Lead. Hinesh Patel, Ph.D., recent CADMIM graduate, and Jessica Cheng, PhD Candidate, were the Entrepreneurial Leads. Robert Cobene (from Corning Inc, and CADMIM IAB Chair) was the team’s industrial mentor. This team conducted over 100 customer discovery interviews towards determining the best product/market fit for a droplet-based molecular screening platform. This technology is a direct result from CADMIM-funded project Y4-006: “Droplet KASP Array.”

(2) Members of Dr. Abe Lee’s group completed the UCI NSF Innovation-Corps (I-Corps) Site program March 10, 2021. Team members include Abe Lee (CADMIM Director), Mohammad Aghaamoo (PhD Candidate), Yu Hsi (Joy) Chen (PhD Student), and  (PhD Student). The team, one of 10 teams in the Winter 2021 Cohort, conducted over 30 customer discovery interviews towards determining the best product/market fit for an intracellular delivery microfluidic platform. 

For more information about NSF I-Corps Team and Site programs: NSF I-Corps

CADMIM Faculty Capture NIH and NSF Grants
Congratulations to Salman Khetani, Jered Haun, Abe Lee, David Eddington, and all their collaborators!

CADMIM Graduate Students Intern at Companies via NSF INTERN Program
, PhD Candidate in the laboratory of Dr. Abe Lee, CADMIM Director, and ,  PhD graduate student in the laboratory of Dr. Michelle Digman, CADMIM Core Faculty, are interning at Kino Discovery, a start-up company emerging from CADMIM-funded research and led by Dr. Jered Haun, also CADMIM Core faculty.  Yu Hsi (Joy) Chen, PhD Candidate in the laboratory of Dr. Abe Lee, started an internship at Vena Vitals, Inc., supported by the NSF INTERN program. Vena Vitals is a start-up company, emerging from the laboratory of Dr. Michelle Khine (CADMIM Affiliated faculty). 

CADMIM-funded Journal Publications

CADMIM Graduates
Congratulations to Hinesh Patel (Elliot Hui’s lab), David Kukla (Salman Khetani’s lab), Erik Werner (Elliot Hui’s lab), Mahesh Iyer (David Eddington’s lab), Prithviarj Mukherjee (Ian Papautsky’s lab), and Mohammad Aghaamoo (Abe Lee’s lab)! All graduated with PhDs and contributed to various projects at CADMIM.


2 CADMIM-funded Non-Provisional Patents Issued
“High-efficiency Encapsulation in Droplets Based on Hydrodynamic Vortices Control,” invented by Gopakumar Kamalakshakurup (now an employee at IAB member Genus PLC) and Abe Lee (CADMIM Director), was issued as a US patent on September 22, 2020. This patent stems from CADMIM-funded project Y3-002: “Droplet-based Single Cell Assays – from Phenotype to Genotype.” Access US10780438B1 here: https://uspto.report/patent/grant/10,780,438

“Microfluidic Device for the Digestion of Tissues into Cellular Suspensions,” invented by Jered Haun, Xiaolong Qiu, Elliot Hui, Amrith Karunaratne, and Erik Werner, was issued a US patent on February 23, 2021. This patent stems from CADMIM-funded project Y2-003: “Tissue Processing Chip for Single-cell Molecular Diagnostics.” Access US10926257B1 here: https://patents.justia.com/patent/10926257

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