Membership benefits

CADMIM offers a productive and stimulating collaboration between universities, industry, and government to conduct research to solve challenges facing the diagnostic and therapeutic industry. We also aim to train and educate the next generation of scientists and engineers skilled in design and process methodologies geared towards cost-effective, high volume production of biochips. These microdevices will revolutionize the way we assess the environment, agriculture, forensics, and human health. CADMIM also offers access to world class facilities and ample opportunities to capture follow-on funds through strategic industry-academic teaming. A diagram of the CADMIM “innovation ecosystem” is below (click to enlarge):


Industry members benefit in many ways:
    • Work with university experts and the other industrial members to define and maintain CADMIM strategic directions aligned with to company R&D needs in next-gen diagnostic microfluidic devices and technologies.
    • Stay on top of this emerging field through regular open interaction with game-changing faculty researchers in multiple disciplines at universities across the U.S.,  attending semi-annual members-only meetings, and access to research results prior to publication.  Network with customers and competitors!
    • Develop collaborative research projects and partnerhips that address your microfluidic challenges, thus streamlining the lab-on-a-chip learning curve.
    • Seat on the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) that collectively selects research projects to be funded each year.
    • Efficiently recruit skilled center students who are trained in company-relevant research topics and techniques and are already familiar with your business.
    • Partner with prominent center faculty and other companies to gain a competitive edge in securing outside federal funding for your research interests.
    • Access world-class facilities, including the new Ohio Center for Microfluidic Innovation and the University of California research and facilities infrastructure.
    • Open interchange of ideas and collaboration among academia, industry and government on crucial industry issues.
    • Substantial cost savings by doing research through the center (see graphic below, click to enlarge).

Membership Fees and Fund Leveraging
CADMIM utilizes government, academic, and industry resources to support research of interest to the IAB. Industrial partners pay membership fees of $50,000 per year to join the center which comes with full voting privileges and a seat on the IAB. Membership fees fund the center’s research projects. All IAB members vote during the project selection meeting (at the Spring IAB Meeting, annually).
The IAB defines the research agenda, votes on projects to be funded, and creates the by-laws concerning CADMIM functions and procedures. With the minimum membership requirements (at least 6 distinct members in the center) the company’s initial investment of $50,000 will have greater than 1:10 leveraging ratio in the current year of operation (see graphic below, click to enlarge). Thus, the company investment multiplies by over an order of magnitude!

The funding leverage is usually much higher than 1:10. Every year CADMIM’s IAB consists of more than 6 members. Universities often contribute more to the center, such as partial staff support, etc. Also, CADMIM has been successful in capturing follow-on funding from government sources (NSF, etc), that add to the center’s resources. In fact, in our third year of operation (March 2016 – February 2017) the funding leverage ratio is over 1:65!