Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

For those seeking a job opportunity. A previous user of our cleanroom has informed us of an open position his company is recruiting for. If interested, see the details below:


Oxford Nanopore Technologies is seeking a nanofabrication expert to join the solid-state nanopore research group, based in Cambridge, MA (USA). Candidates should have particular expertise in the hands-on design and fabrication of micro- or nano-scale sensors.

The role will involve the fabrication and refinement of the company’s existing research-phase solid-state nanopore sensor chips. As these fabrication processes mature, the role will also involve transitioning them to internal technicians and external contractors. The nanofabrication expert will also play a key role in the sensor design team, working with a device physics expert to develop next generation sensors.

The role will require working closely with the measurement team to identify and solve problems and improve performance. A willingness to build an understanding of how the fabricated devices operate in practice is essential.

Key requirements
• A PhD (or equivalent experience) involving extensive nano and/or semiconductor fabrication
• At least two years design, fabrication and measurement experience on nanoelectronic, MEMS or FET sensors
• At least two years fabrication experience with hands-on, research scale facilities, including photolithography, e-beam lithography, and wet and dry processing techniques
• Excellent problem solving skills
• Must have an aptitude for independent research in addition to working well within a team
• The ability to think and adapt to a rapidly changing environment
• Strong communication skills
• Proficiency in English

• Experience with nanoelectronic sensors in solution environments
• Expertise in high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM)
• Semiconductor device physics expertise, particularly on sensor design, simulation and optimization
• Experience in nanopore fabrication and sensing

Please also indicate if you are eligible to work in the US, and whether this is temporary or permanent eligibility.

Applications can be submitted at: