Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

Reminder to all users,
Please remember that users may NOT change equipment parameters or any other recipe parameters other than TIME in the recipes.
Please DO NOT enable/disable other equipment set-points either like He Leak Up Rate interlocks, any equipment pre-set values, or defaults of any kind.  Any user wishing to modify parameters other than just the recipe time MUST receive explicit permission from staff in advance.
Please also do NOT attempt to troubleshoot or repair tools.  If an issue occurs, or if anything doesn’t go according to plan/training/SOP, the only action should be to immediately stop and contact staff for them to respond and take the appropriate action.  It is much more difficult for staff to investigate, troubleshoot, and resolve issues when users have cleared errors/alarms/etc. and/or have begun initial attempts at troubleshooting or investigating thereby modifying or even hiding original symptoms and issues with tools before staff can be privy to them.
Thank You,