Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

Today approximately 1pm the fire alarm in Calit2 went off and the building had to be evacuated. It was later found out that it was due to users using improper materials in one of the furnaces in rm 1401. This is the second time this has occurred therefor the furnaces will be off limits until we come up with a solution. We will notify you when they are available (Please do not ask staff)

We have recently had the floors cleaned/waxed in the INRF cleanroom and noticed that the disposable booties did not give proper traction. In order to break in the new floor and keep you safe we have removed the disposable booties in the gowning room and replaced them with the cleanroom suit shoe covers (various sizes / please check). Please snap together and return them to the bin after use. We anticipate this only be enforced throughout next week. The BION is not effected.


  • The INRF will be closed this Saturday (08/13) in order for Facilities to perform maintenance on the compressors.
  • The DI water in the INRF is still down due to leaks within the facility. We are still working on getting these repaired.


  • No after-hours use is still in effect until after the 27th (Special permission will be granted if staff is on site)
  • The exhaust issue seems to be under control but stay vigilant and pay attention to the alarms in case the issue arises again. Facilities is still investigating the cause.


All the benches in the BION are alarming. Facilities has been notified. Please do not use the benches until further notice.

Due to the chemical hazard in room 1461 the BION will only be available from 8am – 7:30pm Monday – Friday until the hazard can be removed. Tentative date of removal is the 23rd.

Dear Users,

You will notice caution tape has been put up near the BiON. This is due to a chemical hazard in room 1461 in which a peroxide crystal was formed. Currently it is contained in our flammable cabinet and access to the room is off limits. Due to the hazard, we are asking that users halt after hours and weekend use of the BiON cleanroom until 8/23/16, as this is when the hazard team will arrive to dispose of this material. We have requested an earlier expedited date, but as of now they will arrive on 8/23/16. We will keep users posted as we learn more.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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There are way too many poly containers with various etchants being stored underneath the bench in the Metal Etch room. Please come in and review if these are still needed/expired and dispose of them accordingly. If they are still in use please make sure they are labeled and have a current date.

Tomorrow morning at approximately 8am facilities will be adding a new N2, lab air and vacuum line to the room for the dicing saw. We don’t expect there to be any downtime but just pay attention when working in there to make sure everything is working properly. Ill post again if there are any updates.

We will now be checking out keys to those interested in using the lab afterhours and on the weekends. Please see Ryan before 4pm the day you plan to use it and you will be issued one. Please return it the next day (with exception to the weekend) to make it available to other users. The doors will be locked during the week around 6pm. If you do not have an afterhours key you will be locked out if you leave the cleanroom and this could result in a safety issue if equipment was left running. Key holders will be responsible for locking up and shutting down if you are the last one in the lab.

Yesterday we experienced a flood in the first half of the cleanroom due to a break in the chill-water system. Thankfully it happened where none of the critical equipment were located. Facilities is working to clean up the water and bring power back to the cleanroom. Due to the extent of the damage we are expecting the lab to be down for the rest of the week and our hope is to be up and running early next week. We will keep you posted.

In other news, the compressed air system should be operational now (once the power is restored) and parts for the Trion, Mark 50 and Ebeam1 have arrived.

NOTE: BION was unaffected and will remain open.