Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


INRF & BiON Users,
A couple of lab and facilities updates:
The compressed air in the INRF will be offline this weekend Sat Jan 26th and Sun Jan 27th. The INRF will be closed as a result.
As an FYI, the STS Turbo will turned off during this time and brought back online on Monday Jan 28th.
In the BiON, the DI water system will go down for cleaning Monday Jan 28th through Wednesday Jan 30th.
The following week in the INRF the compressed air will be offline Feb 4th and 5th.
Lastly as an FYI, Santa Ana winds are forecasted in the near term so humidity levels may be affected and could go out of spec ( outside of 45-55 %). We encourage users to monitor the levels via the in lab displays, the Forged system, and any notifications Staff sends out as well.

INRF & BiON Users,

This Monday 1/21/19 is a campus holiday, and as such will be like any other non-staffed time (evenings, weekend). Please plan accordingly.

Also, in the INRF, Laurell spinners 1 and 2 are offline for maintenance. They had a lot of build up and are going through a thorough cleaning.


INRF Users,

Please be advised that on Jan 26th and Jan 27th this month, the INRF compressed air will be offline for testing.