Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


E-beam 1 and Ion Mill Users,

These tools need a regen very soon, staff plans to take these two tools offline for 3 days starting Monday to take care of the regens. They may take less time but a safe budget is 3 days. If anybody has a need we can work around your process time; please contact staff ASAP if this is the case.



BiON Metal Etch RM 1422 Users,

The BiON Metal Etch RM 1422 is now offline. Processes will be moved to INRF RM 2320 and are expected to be available Thursday 10/18/18.


INRF & BiON Users,

For those whose processes may be sensitive to humidity, please take note that the humidity levels in both the BiON and INRF are out of tolerance and are real low. They are currently about 10-15% vs. the usual ~60%.


INRF Wet Etch RM 2325 Users,

The issues have been resolved and TSS has re-certified the benches of RM2325. This INRF room is back ONLINE again for the usual HF, KOH, and Inorganic Etch processing.