Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility



The MA56 in the BiON has been repaired and is Online. The MA6 in the INRF has also been repaired and is Online.

NO SU-8 is allowed on the MA6 in the INRF.  SU-8 processes must be done on the MA56 in the BiON.


INRF and BiON Users,

Staff is noticing that users are failing to follow proper protocol and so due to safety concerns the doors to access the lab equipment chases will be kept locked for the time being. Please be sure to schedule with Staff when you need something turned on or off, opened or closed, or have a need to access.

Thank You,



Users that are using various types of tools are responsible for performing the cleaning process.

When it comes to the RIE, ICP, DRIE the rule of thumb is two to one.  So if etching for one hour we expect you to do a thirty minute clean. If etching for 90min, the clean recipe should be run for 45min. Etc.

Please be sure you are following this policy.

Thank You,