Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


Equipment/process training will now take place on Mondays. You will still  put in a training request through the website, then we will schedule the training for the following Monday.

The User Store now carries File Box Totes ($9 ea). See Ryan in the INRF office to purchase.

During the relocation of one of the benches the contractors broke a DI water pipe. The DI water will be shut down in the INRF for a couple days until the pipe and valve can be repaired. There will be no lithography capability in the lab until that is fixed.

Be advised, Central Plant has scheduled a shutdown of the processed chilled water system this weekend. This will effect the INRF and BION cleanrooms. Most of the equipment other than lithography equipment will be down this Saturday and Sunday.

Monday is the 4h of July and a campus Holiday. There will be no office or lab staff and you will need afterhours access. Plan accordingly.

Have a great weekend!