Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


Jake will be off campus March 15th and will be back in the lab March 19th.

Please direct any lab issues or questions pertaining to the lab to Dexter Humphrey

INRF and BiON are going to be offering three different workshops: Lithography, Metal Deposition and Reactive Ion Etching. The purpose of these workshops is to give you more familiarity with the tools and their capabilities and to give you the best end result that the tool is able to perform to. These workshops will consist of some lectures but mostly hands on.

You need to register and need to be a INRF or BiON user in order to attend the following workshops.


For all upcoming workshops, you may view our Workshop Events Calendar.

For any questions, contact Dexter Humphrey at


Workshop Flyer

The INRF cleanroom will be closed March 18th – 28th in order to replace the buildings air compressor. As you know, we have been experiencing problems with low pressure and oil in the air lines for years now. This should remedy those issues and open up more possibilities for the cleanroom in the future.

The BION will remain open during this time.

NOTE: All compressed air to the Engineering Gateway West wing building will be shut down during this time. This will effect all 3rd floor labs as well.


We have purchased a quart of AZ 5214-E IR Photoresist and we are looking to see if there is any interest from the users for us to carry this product in our store. It would roughly sell for $70ea (60ml dropper). The spec sheets have been attached for your review. Please email us and let us know if you are interested


AZ 5200-E Data Package