Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility


Last night we experience a compressed air outage and it is currently still down. We are working to find out when it will be back online and will report back ASAP. In the meantime, all tools in the INRF that require compressed air will be down. We apologize for any inconvenience.

It looks like the install of the new compressor for the Engineering Gateway/INRF was a success. This week we will start to bring the tools back online.

Here’s the rundown:

  • STS: Needs a new DI recirculating pump. We should have that switched out shortly.
  • Trion: We are waiting for the pressure control valve to come back from repair from MKS.
  • Ebeam 1: We will be doing a regen and we are waiting for the chamber hardware to come back from cleaning. These parts should be back this week.
  • MA6:  We need to start up and check out the system.

We will send out a notice as the tools come up. Thanks for your patience


  • Friday, March 25th is a campus Holiday (Cesar Chavez Day)
  • The INRF and BION cleanrooms will remain open throughout the Holiday break. The INRF wont be fully functional until next week.
  • All the tools will be accessible for those with access to them however HF (rm 1432) & Inorganic (rm 1421) rooms will be closed.
  • INRF Office will be closed and lab staff will be off during this time.
  • If you plan on using the lab and don’t have 24hr access, please contact Dexter or Richard.
  • Please contact Jake via cell/text immediately if you have any issues with the tools or other emergencies. (Do not email your issue!)

Jake will be holding his weekly User Meeting tomorrow at 1:30 pm in EG rm 3311. He will be going over the cleanroom and equipment status

INRF and BiON are going to be offering three different workshops: Lithography, Metal Deposition and Reactive Ion Etching. The purpose of these workshops is to give you more familiarity with the tools and their capabilities and to give you the best end result that the tool is able to perform to. These workshops will consist of some lectures but mostly hands on.

You need to register and need to be a INRF or BiON user in order to attend the following workshops.

The workshops are filling up quickly! If you are interested, please sign up as space is limited!


For all upcoming workshops, you may view our Workshop Events Calendar.

For any questions, contact Dexter Humphrey at


Workshop Flyer

Diamond Scribes ($14) and Wafer Carriers ($8) are back in stock in the INRF Store

Diamond Scribes are on order and should be back in the Store next week.

Starting tomorrow (3/17) the lab staff will start shutting down the equipment for the INRF Closure/Air Compressor Replacement. The only equipment that will remain functional throughout the replacement will be the Flood Exposure and Spinners. We will start bringing everything back online on the 28th if everything gos as planned. The BION will be unaffected.

Due to a bad throttle valve. We hope to have it back up the week of the 28th.

Jake will be off campus March 15th and will be back in the lab March 19th.

Please direct any lab issues or questions pertaining to the lab to Dexter Humphrey (973) 931-0893 or